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Naughty Rendezvous

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Lexie Davis

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This one is for Kelly.
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Chapter One

Chase Cooper sat at the local bar, beer at hand. From Grace McBride's point of view, he appeared to mull over the fight that had finally ended his relationship with Libby Duncan. Finally, after Chase spent two years trying to please the wicked witch of the west, the selfish socialite called it quits on him and the poor guy was heartbroken.

She watched him tip the beer to his lips before calling the bartender over and changing his beverage of choice. He needed something stronger, she assumed, something to drown his sorrows in. What he ever saw in Libby Duncan, Grace would never know.

The stupid bitch could have broken it off better.
Grace sighed, recalling the event just moments ago. Libby screamed at him. She told him his job kept him away from her too much. She told him she had needs, needs he couldn't satisfy being away all the time. When he tried to offer a solution she went haywire yelling at him to get his stuff out of the house—their house—the home they shared together.

Grace knew he gave the spoiled snob everything she ever dreamed. All so she could live a decent life is what he told her. Grace snorted. Libby bought whatever she wanted and still wasn't happy. She had money to spend how she saw fit and she tried her damndest to empty Chase's bank account. He thought he gave her what she needed but what did she give him in return?

"Hey, Mac. Vodka straight up."

"Whoa. Take it easy, stud.” Grace took a seat next to her boss, assessing the damage his former girlfriend caused. “Mind if I join you?"

With his shrug of approval, Grace requested a glass of wine with the bartender. She knew it wasn't in her job description to coddle her boss with his heart broken, but seeing him miserable didn't stand well with her.

She sat to the side not saying anything, figuring if he wanted to talk, he would. Lucky for her, she was right.

"I don't want to talk about it."

She kept her grin to herself. “Good. I really don't want to talk about another woman screwing you over either."

"Don't talk about Libby like that. She didn't screw me over. I screwed myself over.” His head came up, his eyes glazed and out of focus—almost as if he were ready to cry.

Oh, please don't cry.
“Fine. Sorry. She didn't screw you over. Got it.” Grace sipped at the wine Mac placed before her, noticing how Chase kept his fists balled and the shot of vodka sitting before him untouched. “If your plan was to get drunk, you're doing a lousy job of it."

"What do you want, Grace?” he hissed.

"To make sure you don't do anything stupid."

"What? Like kill myself?” Chase narrowed his eyes at her and she shrugged.

"Possibly. Libby is
not worth taking your life over, in my humble opinion, of course.” She sipped her wine as if they talked about the weather. “Besides, with you dead, I wouldn't have a job. Therefore I need you to live if I expect to make rent."

"Funny.” Chase tipped the vodka back, downing the entire shot. “Another, Mac."

He slammed the glass on the bar, sliding it to the bartender. Grace smirked. “Glad to know I'm the one that will get you drunk."

"Ha. You should be a comedian instead of a personal assistant. Lord knows you've got the mouth for it."

She wanted to take offence to that but gave him reprieve. He was hurting, even if it was only his macho male pride. Two minutes after Libby dumped him—in front of the entire office, no less—
in the building knew about it. The bitch even went into detail about how she had to use her vibrator to keep her satisfied, because he wasn't home enough to fuck her properly.

Grace saw red with that. The bitch just did it to stroke her own ego. Chase worked his ass off for that woman, and for what reason? She got whatever the hell she wanted, when she wanted it. He bent over backwards to answer her every beck and call. And for her thanks, she whipped him like a battered dog.

"Yeah? If I have potential, then that's a back-up career. That means I don't have to babysit you anymore and you can go ahead with your plans for suicide. My rent's covered."

"Smart ass,” was his only reply and it made her laugh.

She couldn't help it. She liked her boss. Chase cared more for the people around him than she'd seen out of any other man she'd ever known.

"Look, Chase. I'm just sitting here in case you need a friend.” She reached out to cover his hand with her own.

He scoffed, grabbing the shot of vodka from the bar and gulped it back with one toss. “I don't need a friend. I need a fuck.” His eyes met hers, no longer glossy with tears, but simmering with drunken desire. “You gonna offer me that?"

He stood from his seat, and threw a few bills on the bar before stomping out of Mac's Bar. The look on Grace's face told him his request was denied. He just propositioned his assistant for a dirty, pity fuck. He couldn't blame her if she said no.

The damn woman came into a bar dressed in a short black skirt and halter, making every man inside look twice. Her sweet breasts thrust themselves out, almost in offering to him, and his fingers itched to feel them. His mouth watered to taste them. He fisted his hands in an effort to take control of his urges.

He wasn't near drunk enough yet, but the woman drove him absolutely insane. Earlier today, she dropped a file of important papers and bent over, showing her ass to him, to retrieve them. And damn what an ass she had. He spent the two minutes it took her to sort through the documents fantasising about it, picturing her bent over giving him full rein to do whatever the hell he wanted.

His cock rose for the occasion, just as it did now.

Her sweet, fruity perfume permeated the stale air around them, making her even more desirable. He licked his lips, anticipating her taste on his tongue. The sweet flavour between her legs would be more intoxicating than the five bottles of vodka Mac had behind the bar.

Grace followed him to his car, stepping carefully on the uneven gravel in her heels. “Would you wait just one minute?"

"Why? Is your answer yes?"

"No.” She squared her shoulders, and then looked down licking her lips. She wanted him too. He was sure of it. “I don't think a relationship between us while working together is appropriate."

"Right. I'm not asking you to marry me, sweetheart. I'm just asking you to bend over so I can fuck you.” He stood only a foot away from her, noticing her breaths coming in shallow pants.

"It's unprofessional.” She met his eyes. To him, her words meant nothing. She couldn't care less about anything and for that, he advanced on her.

He curled his arms around her waist and pulled her to him. She gasped startled, when he covered her mouth with his. God, she tasted better in reality, and his fantasies had been very generous. The wine lingered on her tongue, drawing the last clear-thinking brain cell he had out of commission.

It took some coaxing, but Grace finally conceded, stroking her tongue along his. At this point, he was too far gone to quit. This woman was here, hot and in the flesh. He'd be damned to let her go.

He moved his mouth down to her neck as he slid his palms beneath her skimpy halter, seeking and feeling the silky-smooth skin of her stomach. He didn't care about proper antics at the moment. All he cared for was Grace's hot, willing body permitting him to fuck her any way he pleased.

"It's going to be hard and fast, Gracie. I can't hold on much longer.” He found her breast, palming and squeezing while her hands went to his waist, sliding beneath his shirt.

"Yes,” was her breathless reply—the only reply he needed.

Manoeuvring them to the side of the car, completely shaded in darkness, Chase pushed Grace's skirt to her hips, groaning when he slid his hand underneath and felt no underwear. She'd been teasing him all day in this sexy little getup and knowing for a fact she wore no panties underneath nearly made him come inside his pants.

With quick movements, his pants fell and his cock sprung out into her awaiting hand. Her sweet little palm caressed and teased him even more as the cool night air abraded his heated skin. He couldn't wait.

"Turn around.” He pushed her shoulders until her ass pressed against his cock, rubbing gently with her movements. “God, I've wanted to do this all day long."

Squirming slightly, she replied with a husky whisper, “Then do it."

He took a deep breath, gripping her hip in one hand as he guided himself to her entrance. With just the tip of his cock pressed inside her, the scalding heat of her slick pussy greeted him, welcomed him. He clenched his teeth and pressed hard, sheathing himself inside her body completely.

"Oh, God,” she gasped, scratching her fingernails along the hood of the car.

His sentiments exactly. His control snapped as he pulled out, her muscles clenching around him. The sweet smell of her arousal wafted in the air, teasing his nostrils.

Her soft moans filled the silence around them while his cock sank inside her again and again. “You're so fuckin’ tight."

Each thrust brought him to the edge until finally he came hard and fast, spilling everything he had within her. She gasped when he reached around her body and began stroking what little flesh he found between her thighs.

"Oh ... yes ... oh, God. Chase...” she gasped, groaned and finally bit her arm as she screamed her pleasure convulsing around his half-hard shaft wedged deep inside her.

BOOK: Naughty Rendezvous
10.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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