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BOOK: Kate Sherwood - Dark Horse 2.2 - Head Shy
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Head Shy | Kate Sherwood

Dan is pretty much beyond conscious thought. He's always liked getting lost in sex, letting the sensations take over, turning off his confusing, contradictory brain and just reacting to stimuli, but with Jeff and Evan, with twice as much stimulation, and all of it so damn good—it's almost scary how far into it he gets. They've both been working on him, hands and lips and tongues and teeth, their warm bodies stretched out along his, moving and pressing and rolling into him, and he couldn't even say how long it's been going on for, but it feels like forever. His cock is so hard that it hurts, so sensitive that he knows it would only take a couple strokes to get him off, but neither one of them seems inclined to give that to him, and he's too busy feeling them all over his body to take any initiative himself. It would be a problem, if his brain was conscious enough to recognize it, but as it is, it's more like he's in a dream, a great dream, but one where he can't really
anything, just feel and enjoy.

He's on his side now, facing Jeff, and they're kissing deep and wet and slow, one of Jeff's hands wrapped in Dan's hair, the other running along his ribs, his ass, pulling Dan's thigh over to rest on top of Jeff's, as Jeff's leg moves forward to nestle between Dan's. It's almost close enough that Dan could grind into it, but he's not really feeling coordinated enough to manage that without Jeff's help, and Jeff doesn't seem too inclined to give it.

Evan's behind Dan, his body long and hard and always so warm, pressing in, one arm wrapped around Dan's chest. His cock is nestled in between Dan's ass cheeks, moving back and forth in tiny, slow motions, just barely touching Dan's balls before pulling back, and it feels good, and

Head Shy | Kate Sherwood

Dan's body doesn't know whether to push back into that or forward into Jeff's hardness. He ends up doing neither, just relaxing and letting them do what they think is best; they've been managing pretty well so far.

The relaxation disappears with a start when Evan shifts and Dan feels his ass being spread a little more, feels the cool, wet pressure of Evan's finger against his hole. Dan has to fight through the fog, but the finger slips in a little, then back out, and it's enough to bring him back to himself completely. Dan's eyes open and he sees Jeff, frowning as he notices Dan's reaction and looks over to see what Evan's up to. Then the finger's in again, a little further, and Evan's face is next to Dan's, their stubbled cheeks rubbing together, and Evan nuzzles him gently. "This is okay, right? You're ready?" Dan doesn't say anything, still trying to sort out the pieces of his thoughts, put them back together in enough order to allow him to speak. Evan groans a little at the wait. "Come on, man, it's been
." The finger doesn't go any deeper, just teases around the opening, sliding in and out, running around the edge. Dan's not sure how he coordinated it, but Evan's obviously gotten some lube involved, making everything smooth and easy. "I'll make it good, Danny, I promise…"

Evan's face is too close and too far off to the side for Dan to really be able to focus on him, so he looks at Jeff instead, sees the careful neutrality that the man seems to have adopted as his standard expression whenever Dan and Evan disagree. Dan doesn't really want to see that expression right now, and he closes his eyes again. Evan's right; it's been months, and Evan's been wanting this for the whole time, and he's been really good about Dan's hesitations, just suggesting and then backing away without making it a big deal. But Dan's seen him getting more frustrated and impatient, and maybe it's just time to give in. He keeps his eyes shut, pulls his head away from Jeff and nudges Evan a little, making enough room so that Dan can roll over onto his stomach. He brings his arms up and crosses them in front of him, making a little cradle so he can hide his face. Evan's finger hasn't gone, but it's stopped moving. Dan thought the

Head Shy | Kate Sherwood
body language was clear, but maybe not. "Yeah, okay, dude, go to it."


Evan's laugh is a little tight. "Uh… like this?"


Dan takes a deep breath. If he's going to do it, he might as well do it all the way. "Fuck, then, how do you want me?"

Evan's hand moves away, and Dan figures he's getting more lube, but he doesn't sense any further motion. He waits a bit, and then lifts his head enough to sneak a look over at Evan, who's looking over Dan's back, clearly having some sort of silent conference with Jeff. And Dan feels like the awkward third wheel. Again. "Dude, if we're doing this, let's go. I'm getting cold." But that backfires, because Jeff just shifts his body closer, brings an arm up to cover Dan's shoulder blades, sharing his warmth, and it would really be a lot easier to get through this without being reminded of Jeff.

"Any chance you might roll back over?" Jeff clarifies his intention with a gentle shove against Dan's back, but when Dan resists, the pressure stops, turns into a gentle kneading. "I think we may need a little more talk about this."

Dan isn't sure whether that was directed to him or to Evan, or to both, but he doesn't think he needs to pay any attention to it; there is nothing here that he ever wants to talk about. He can still see Evan, lying on his side, looking torn, and Dan lifts his head enough to free an arm and reach over, grabbing Evan's shining finger and pulling it down to its original position. "Seriously, man, let's go." He tilts his pelvis, canting his ass up into Evan's hand, and guides Evan's finger into place, pushing it in further than before.

Evan groans and rolls back in towards Dan, and Dan can feel Evan's hard length rubbing against his hip. "One more finger and we're good, Jay. Come on." Dan rocks his ass in a sort of circular motion, working the
Head Shy | Kate Sherwood

finger and also brushing his hip against Evan's cock. That's got to work, surely. Dan can feel a little tremble run through Evan's body, and he figures he's won.

But Jeff's there again, sliding down so he can nuzzle his face in next to Dan's, kissing his temple softly on the scar left from his fall. "Come on, sweetheart, look at me. You don't have to talk, just let me see you." He runs his hand down Dan's back, rubs along his waist, and then goes a little lower, gentle but insistent pressure stilling the motion of Dan's hips. All the while, he's nuzzling and kissing the parts of Dan's face that he can reach, sucking on his ear lobe, finding the spot on his neck that he knows sends hot chills down Dan's whole body. Dan's body is strong enough that he could resist, but he can't ever really say no to Jeff, not when they're like this, and he lets his hips rest, feels Evan's finger slide out, but not far, just resting, Evan's whole hand spread out and warm over Dan's skin.

"Let me see you, now. Or at least give me a real kiss…." Jeff's breath whumps out of him in surprise at Dan's speed, his hand lifting and grabbing Jeff's hair, pulling his face down just as Dan lifts his face up, bringing their mouths together in a kiss that's so hard it would be brutal except for the softness of Dan's tongue, wrapping around Jeff's, pushing them together. Dan wants this, wants Jeff, always, but he also wants to get back to that easy, lust-sedated state where he didn't have to think, or talk, or feel anything but good.

Jeff's too passive now, though, lying back and letting Dan take charge, and that's not how it was before, and Evan's not doing anything now, not that Dan can blame him, and the whole situation is too much. Dan pulls back and avoids meeting Jeff's eyes. He flips himself over and slides down to the bottom of the bed, his standard escape route when, as usually happens, he gets stuck in the middle. There's underwear there, and he thinks it's his, but they all wear boxer briefs so who really knows or

Head Shy | Kate Sherwood
cares. He just pulls it on and heads for the door. "I'm gonna take a break."

This is allowed. It's been a while since he's needed one, but early on, when things regularly got way too intense for him, Jeff had negotiated the time out system. Dan takes one when he needs one, but he's agreed not to leave the house they're in, not without coming back and letting them know. It had been Evan who'd added the 'leave your clothes in the bedroom' corollary; Dan has to admit it kind of makes sense.

They're at Jeff's, and Dan almost steps on Lou, stretched out in the hallway outside the bedroom door. He mutters an apology to her, and she apparently takes it as an invitation to accompany him to the kitchen. He doesn't know what he wants there, but Lou seems pretty clear, staring at the fridge like it's the most beautiful thing she's ever seen. Jeff and Evan are both pretty strict about their dogs not getting people food, but the animals have all figured out that Dan's the weak link in that chain of rules. He pulls the fridge door open and peers inside. He absentmindedly reaches for a beer for himself, and then looks around for something for Lou.

"Chicken? Or cheese?" She nods in general agreement, and Dan pulls out a leftover chicken breast from dinner. "You can't have it all, sweetheart; Jeff would be pissed." He takes a bite and spits it out at her. She catches it in mid-air and swallows it immediately. Dan takes another bite, but keeps it this time. "You see this? It's called chewing. Enjoying. You might want to look into it." He swallows the bite and takes another, spits it at her and then takes one for himself. He twists the lid off his beer and takes a long pull, then splits another bite of chicken with Lou. His hands aren't shaking anymore, so that's a good thing. He's not startled when he hears Jeff's voice over his shoulder. He'd figured he was about due for a visit.

"You could put it on a plate, heat it up." "Couldn't be any tastier than it is now, man. Besides, Lou doesn't
Head Shy | Kate Sherwood
like her snacks too hot."

"You feed my dog so much human food that you know her temperature preferences?" Jeff's arms come around Dan's torso, not exactly tentative but clearly prepared to withdraw, but Dan doesn't really feel like he needs more space right now. He leans back against Jeff, feels the soft cotton of his sweatpants and the rough hair of his bare chest, then lifts the last bite of chicken and offers it to the general direction of Jeff's face. Dan feels Jeff's weight shift a little as he leans forward, and then warm lips wrap around Dan's finger tips, taking the chicken and licking the sauce from Dan's skin. Damn. Dan had been completely soft by the time he left the bedroom, but he hasn't actually come yet, as his dick is happy to remind him.

Jeff pulls his head back a little, sparing Dan the sound of someone chewing right in his ear, then runs a hand down and wraps around Dan's fingers as they hold the beer bottle. Jeff guides the bottle up over Dan's shoulder to take a drink, then gently releases Dan and steps away. "I'm going to go paint for a bit. You want to come model?"

Dan kind of does. He can't explain why, but the modeling is really relaxing, just sitting there, not talking, watching Jeff work… but he's not sure if this is the right time for it. "Is Evan pissed?"

Jeff shakes his head. "No." Dan guesses Jeff is still close enough to see that Dan's body isn't relaxing, and he steps around a little, his hand lifting Dan's face so he can see his eyes. "No," he repeats firmly. "He's a bit frustrated, but at the situation, not at you. He's mostly confused, and…." Jeff shrugs. "We're both a little concerned." Dan tries to shrug his face away, but Jeff holds him for an extra second. "Because we care about you."
Dan manages to nod, and it earns him his freedom. Jeff smiles, and

Head Shy | Kate Sherwood
then it turns into a grin. "Plus, I blew him after you left, so he's got nothing to complain about. He's probably already asleep."

Dan pauses, then checks the clock on the wall. "But, wait…I only left a couple minutes ago, and your blowjobs take, what, three or four hours? I don't get it…."

Jeff smiles wickedly. "I have tricks you haven't seen yet, grasshopper." He steps backwards. "Come get painted. Or don't, but don't give the dog any more food—she already follows you around like you're her personal lord and savior."

"Yeah, I save her from the boredom of constant kibble." Dan tips his beer up and swallows the last of it, then heads over to the fridge. "You want one of your own? Or just keep mooching off me?"

"Dude, it's my house—they're

Dan rolls his eyes. "Okay, fine… do you want me to have one of my own, or just keep mooching off yours? That I'm going to be holding, and drinking most of."

Jeff nods. "That's more like it. And, yes, please, help yourself to one of my beers when you get one for me."


Dan shakes his head as he reaches into the fridge. "You know, for the record, I think Evan brought these over on Monday."

"Once they're in my fridge, they're mine." Jeff starts towards his studio, Dan trailing behind him. "You're just lucky I'm so generous with my belongings."
Jeff flips on the lights and then takes his beer from Dan. He's

Head Shy | Kate Sherwood

watching Dan closely, but this is just part of the modeling, Dan figures, Jeff trying to figure out lighting or angles or… whatever the hell it is that artists care about. Dan isn't even alarmed when Jeff reaches for the digital camera. They've done this before too, and Dan was really uncomfortable at the start, but Jeff had just shrugged and put the camera down, and eventually Dan had picked it up and started playing with it, and Jeff had shown him a couple tricks, and now it's part of the deal, Dan taking pictures of Jeff, Jeff taking pictures of Dan, all of them erased by the end of the session, except for the few times that Jeff has asked to save ones so he can work while Dan's not available. And Dan's saved a couple of Jeff, too, and he's sure Jeff must have noticed, but he hasn't said anything. Maybe Dan will get them printed some time, maybe he won't. It's nice to keep his options open.

BOOK: Kate Sherwood - Dark Horse 2.2 - Head Shy
13.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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