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The Alien's Return

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The Alien’s Return





Jennifer Scocum


The Alien’s Return

Chapter One

We are born, we live and then we die – in between, we make a lot of mistakes, we make a lot of right choices. We make people cry, we make them remember us even after our death. We leave a mark on this universe by how we make love to our soul mates. Ever since the conception of time, humans have been cynical about almost everything in this world. Let alone world, we have questioned everything in the universe, right from its conception to its end, everything has been talked about so much.

There is an African tribe who believe that we humans are a part of a mythical race that came somewhere from the stars.  The Earth was originally the home of Mother Nature and all her beautiful creatures – it had a diverse pool of animals and plants, the flora and fauna that comprised the whole of land, oceans and everything in between. Then we, humans invaded the world and started our revolution. We came somewhere far from the stars, made Earth our new home and started exploiting the resources of the Mother Earth.

We started believing that Earth has always been our home, as we have been living here from so long. But deep down, we all are made up of stars. We have alien blood and a soul that takes us back to the outer space. We call anything that we can’t understand “strange”. Anything which our science can’t comprehend, we either blame it on religion or overlook the fact. There are also people who think of outer space. We try hard to communicate to the people of other planets, who exists somewhere in the universe. We often overlook the simple fact that the people from outer space with whom we are trying to communicate could be our ancestors.

Carter was oblivious. He didn’t know the simple fact that he, unlike every other human of our planet, was originally from the outer space. He was found by an average American couple when he was a little kid. It was a night full of stars when John and Charlotte were driving back home. They saw a newborn child, who was only a few months old lying in the middle of the street. The couple who was trying hard to conceive found a blessing in disguise as they saw the child. He didn’t have any birthmarks, no lost identification – nothing at all.

“We are keeping him. It’s not a question. We are keeping him, John!” Charlotte said and she held Carter close to her arms and hugged him tightly. Carter looked at her with his crystal blue eyes and touched her nose. The moment Charlotte touched Carter; she realized that he was different. For a moment, it felt like the mere passage of time stopped. Everything was standstill and Charlotte stared at John with her wide opened eyes.

“He is not one of us,” as she said, they realized that keeping Carter would be a tough decision. They were right.

In spite of knowing the fact that Carter was different, they decided to keep him. He was their child, maybe not by birth, but certainly by choice.

As Carter grew old, he too realized that he was different. He was not like any other kids of his age. He could run and walk faster, way too fast than anyone else. He would read any book just once and can memorize in one go. He had a tremendous IQ which was miles away from everyone else. His physical strength, his mental abilities – everything was way ahead from everyone else. He could go on for days without eating a thing. He could hold his breath for minutes, sometimes even hours. He didn’t know what sleep was, and could go on for months without closing his eyes.

When he was a kid, he would ask John and Charlotte numerous times why he was so unique. They would spare some or other kind of lie to him, but the older he got, the harder it became for them to keep his away from the truth. On his eighteenth birthday, there was just one thing that he wanted from his parents.

“You both know that it is time. I am an adult now and I need to know the truth. Please, it won’t change a thing to me – you both will always be my parents, but I need to know the truth,” Carter pleaded as he cut the cake and asked a simple explanation from his parents. Although, both John and Charlotte realized that the explanation would not be that simple at all.

They told him everything about his existence, whatever was known to them. But none of their explanations was enough for him, as it left him wanting more. He realized that he was from outer space but had no idea about anything else. He wanted to know about his origin, his existence, and his biological parents.

Yes, John and Charlotte were still his parents and he loved them immensely, but there was a part of him that craved for something more. Every night, he would look at the stars, just in a hope to get some answers. But the dark clouds would leave him with no absolution, every single night. He had nowhere else to go. He couldn’t find anyone to give him concrete answers. He was all alone in the world that has billions of people.

Days turned to nights and Carter didn’t realize how those insomniac nights turned to years. He grew older, but with time his craving to get all those answers also increased. He turned out to be a perfectly fine man, with immense physical and mental capabilities that were far beyond the comprehension of anyone else in the world. He knew that he was different and tried not to expose his powers to anyone, for he knew that Earth is a strange place and won’t accept him the way he was.

In the meanwhile, he decided to enjoy what he had. The respect for his parents increased drastically and their well-being became his highest priority. After finishing school, he decided to stay with his parents and would help them in keeping the farm well-maintained. He was happy in his own little world, and Charlotte was happy to see a part of the whole wide universe in front of her eyes every day. That was all that she wanted.


Chapter Two


It was just like every other night for Carter. He was done with his regular chores of the day and all three of them had a great winter supper. After having his dinner, Carted decided to walk a little and headed towards the infinite fields. The fresh cold and winter breeze brushed through his dark brown hair and he closed his blue eyes to take the moment in. He inhaled the fresh air and wished upon a falling star.

He didn’t realize that his wishes would be fulfilled in a matter of just a few seconds. He heard a peculiar sound that came somewhere from the universe and a bright flash of light followed the crash. He thought that it was thunder, but his assumption was soon shattered when he saw a strange spacecraft approaching towards him from the distant sky.

The sky changed its color, as the strange machine reflected different colors on the monochromatic sky and the stars shined brightly in luminous orange and green hues. Carter couldn’t figure out what was happening. The human in him wanted to step back and go back home, but he also knew that he wasn’t human at all. He wanted to know who was behind the spacecraft and took a few steps towards it, as it landed on their farm.

For a moment, Carter couldn’t keep his eyes open. The wide illumination that was coming from the ship made everything extremely bright. The next moment, everything got changed and it was darkness in all the fields. The wind kept blowing and the lush green fields played a hauntingly beautiful symphony. The gates of the ship were opened and a blue-tinted light came from the inside.

There was something inside the ship which attracted Carter. He just knew that the ship had the answers of his questions and wanted to visit it once, even if a part of him knew that it would be a disastrous move. He thought that he would be greeted by someone, an alien or a living being from the outer space would welcome him. He thought that he would meet someone from his home planet, but he was wrong.

As he walked inside the ship, the gates were locked again. Carter knew that it was coming and that it would be a kind of an unwanted abduction. But he didn’t have anything against them – there was a part of him that wanted to go to outer space, for he would find his answers in the deep wide universe.

The spaceship escalated from the surface and with a lightning fast speed disappeared from Earth into the universe. Carter could feel the change in the atmosphere – the air was thick and he was finding it hard to even breathe. After a few minutes, the ship stopped moving and entered another huge ship which was floating somewhere in the universe. Carter had no idea what was happening around him. He was entering a whole new world and was oblivious of almost everything.

The blue light illuminated the entire space and the doors were opened again. Carter stepped out of the small ship and walked towards the large open space that was wide open and covered in light blue color. There was no one in the entire spaceship, or so he thought. The technology was highly advanced, and for the first time in his life Carter felt like an alien in an unknown space. There was a huge metallic gate that was crafted of mysterious metal or alloy that was not known to Carter. There were people on the other side of the gate, as Carter could hear their voices and see the amalgamation of light coming from the opposite direction. In spite of his numerous attempts, he was not able to open the door. He pressed the door one last time before giving up, and to his surprise it was wide open.

He looked at the group of people who were standing in front of him. They didn’t look surprised at all – as if they were already waiting for his arrival. Carter was still finding it hard to breathe and couldn’t adjust with the sudden change in the environment.

“Welcome, N-82! We were waiting for your arrival!” a woman who had dark blue eyes said while walking towards Carter. She had dark black hair and was wearing a blue gown. Her hair was decorated with lights that were emitting flashes on every side of the room. Carter had a quick look at the room.

There were too many people who looked alike and it was surreal in every way. He needed time to make an adjustment to his new surroundings, but it felt like people in that land already knew about his arrival. It was all a part of a big plan to him. As he kept scanning his way through the crowd, he finally saw himself standing face to face with a really strange guy.

He was taken aback at how similar the stranger looked. His eyes were the same shade of blue as his and he almost looked like him, except maybe, he was taller and had dressed differently. Carter tried touching his face in amazement and the moment his fingers touched his face, a machine emitted a loud sound and the crowd erupted, “matched. The real N-82 is here.”

Carter couldn’t quite understand what was happening. The almost stranger smiled at him and signaled him to follow him. He took him to an empty room that had jet black walls. There was a different energy in the room as it seemed to block all thoughts and made the mind pretty hollow from inside.

“Welcome, Carter. This is Xorosa, our very own planet. You’re a part of us.  Unlike humans, we are extra intelligent species who have evolved a lot quicker than them. However, they have genes which our species lack and if we can procure them, our race could evolve even further. You’re a part of this mission and you have been chosen to be the next heir for this race.

I know you might be wondering as to why you have been picked and there may be a lot more questions, but to start with a few facts, you’re my son. I had slept with a human when I had gone to earth for the mission of invading it. She had ended up being pregnant and when she knew of my plan, she ran away. None of our advanced technology helped that time and we have been trying to spot you ever since. It wasn’t until few months back, that we spotted you. Now that you are here, it is upon you to take this project further. We have abducted a human from the same planet. As you’re half-blood, it is only your progeny who can help in infusing the human genome in our race. For our invasion to be complete, you will need to do this.”

It was all too much for Carter to process. However, he had a hard time keeping every detail in mind. The room was so constructed that there was no place for human emotions. It was a black room which was programmed to eliminate all thoughts and emotions.

It had a hypnotizing aura and whenever the leader spoke, the other person simply followed what was told to him. It was one of the most advanced robotics species which was still unknown to mankind. Carter was manipulated and he had no clue as to what he was going to do.

It is rather strange as to how life sometimes changes in the matter of a few moments, had he known that his own biological father wanted nothing more than make him a puppet for his project, he would have refrained from the desire to hunt him down. There is a reason humans are believed to be blessed with emotions.

There is definitely a lot of intelligent life in outer space; however, more often than not, they are not capable of emotions and feelings and this is what makes a human more supremely evolved than others.

Carter had been hypnotized and he had no clue that the times ahead would turn his life upside down. The moment he came out from the room, he felt dizzy. His emotions came back and the spell was broken. He could remember what was told but in parts and pieces. It was like someone had worked on his brain and there was a manual he had to follow, but he didn’t really know what was to be done. It was a very odd feeling and he had no clue what would set it right.

The excitement of finding more about him started to wear down and he craved for the comfort in the arms of his mother. He wanted to go back to the same farm where he was a carefree boy who could live life the way he wanted. When he asked others to send him back there, no one replied. They were all busy programming some big machines.

Life in Xorosa wasn’t fun, people lived a robotic life. There was no space for any kind of emotions. They had beautiful eyes but they were hollow, devoid of feelings. He wondered if people here knew what love felt like.

Everyone kept giving him glances as if they were keeping a tab on him. He was an alien in this world and he wondered if he would ever be able to get back to his own world. There was something pulling him to move somewhere. He knew that he had been manipulated. There was an outer power that was controlling his mind and action, but he kept fighting. He didn’t want to lose his identity and his years as a human on earth had given him the strength to be different.

Despite not knowing what he was supposed to do, he found himself opening a door and to his surprise, he remembered the combination of the locks as well. The moment he entered the room, he stopped right where he was.

His eyes fell on one of the most beautiful ladies he had ever seen. She was gorgeous beyond words as she had sea green eyes that weren’t devoid of emotions. Her lips were full and she was flawless in every sense of the word. She moved with a grace that was remarkable and Carter instantly wanted to touch her anywhere and everywhere.

“Who are you, young lady?” he asked.

“I am Mia. Take me home. Please. I didn’t do anything; I don’t even know who you all are. I want to go back. Please.” She said and sobbed and Carter’s heart broke into pieces.

He wanted to help her out and there was a part of him that really wanted to be her knight in shining armor, but it was hard to explain as to what was going on with him. He was finding it hard to get a grip on his emotion and there was a war which was ongoing in his mind. It was like someone was trying to control his action and his human emotions were coming in the way. Regardless, the lust he felt for the lady was too strong to ignore.

“I am Carter and I am half-blood. I had stayed on earth up until now too. I have just come here and I don’t know why but I really want to kiss the sense out of you. We both are lonely and I guess one kiss could drive the loneliness away.”

He paused and looked in her sea green eyes and she seemed to be debating whether or not to trust him. However, there was something humanly about Carter which she had not seen in any other person for so long. She melted in his arms and Carter hugged her with all his might.

He let his hands roam over her back and slowly started making circles on her back. She started relaxing in his arms and he wanted to make things better for her. He wanted to make love so ardently that at least for some time, she would forget every other thing which was making her sad.

He lifted her beautiful, fragile face and gently kissed her lips. He was not prepared for the kind of impact which their kiss had on him.  She parted her lips, letting Carter enter her mouth. He explored her mouth with his tongue and she met him passionately. She might have looked sad and broken, but the fire and passion which she had made her even more exciting.

The kiss made both of them even hungrier for each other and Mia wanted to lose herself at the moment. After being a captive and staying alone for so long in one secluded room, she had craved to be touched like that.

Mia knew that Carter might be a danger she should not be dealing with. He was half-blood and she knew that things would get complicated with him, but she found herself kissing him. She threw her hands on his shirt and started unbuttoning them.

“Are you sure, Mia? You want us to do this? I don’t want to take advantage of your sorrow, but I crave you in the hungriest way possible.” Carter swore because if Mia didn’t want that, he would have one hell of a time controlling his hands.

When Mia nodded in approval, he wasted no time as he hauled her from her dress and then he let his gaze rest on every part of her body. Her breasts were full and he lowered his mouth and kissed them. He kept kissing the tip of her nipples and she moaned in delight. He gently nuzzled the other breast and they were both erect with the passion.

Mia wasn’t shy and she participated equally as she threw her hands on his trouser asking him to shed his clothes too. He unbuckled his pants and he was naked too. He pinned her on the wall and started kissing her everywhere. She wanted to feel everything together and she arched her legs, asking him to fill her.

Carter didn’t want to rush things up and so he gave her the kind of pleasure she didn’t know existed. He bent down and pushed his fingers inside her swollen flesh. He kept moving up and down and it made it hard for her to breathe. She started gasping, but he kept going. He then lowered his mouth and kissed her swollen spot and she had difficulty remembering her own name.

He pushed her legs apart and then pushed his maleness inside her. The moment he entered inside, she screamed his name in sheer delight and the passion knocked her down. Carter held her with his strong arms to keep her steady and kept on kissing the back of her neck. She climbed up and locked her legs behind his back giving him all the room to stay inside her.

As he jerked outside and then pushed himself again, both of them climaxed together and the orgasm knocked them. For a moment, the whole world came to a standstill as it was just the two of them. He looked at her face and kissed her full lips. She kissed him back as if promising that this was a story which would have a beautiful end.

He slowly put her down and this time she took the lead as she bent down and kissed him. He cursed and climaxed and she kept cradling him. When he had first seen Mia, he hadn’t expected her to be so passionate, but this was one woman he would never forget no matter what.

He kept making love to her like nothing else mattered in the whole damn world. He kissed her  more times than he had ever kissed anyone and it felt good to stay conjoined like they were meant to be with each other for the rest of their lives.

BOOK: The Alien's Return
6.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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