Donovan's Struggle, an Erotic Romance Novella (Anam Céile Chronicles)

BOOK: Donovan's Struggle, an Erotic Romance Novella (Anam Céile Chronicles)
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“How am I to be the man I have determined to be fer
her when the lusciousness of her curves tempt me endlessly?”

Donovan O’Connor has been in
love with feisty redheaded Aislinn MacAuliffe since the first time he laid eyes
on her— when they were both just practically children.  Nonetheless, he told
himself to forget about it, never imagining she would ever actually feel the
same for him.  Now she does and even more unbelievably, she is his!  What can
he do to prove himself worthy of her love? 

To overcome his past, he has
sworn to do everything right by her, including not robbing her of her virginity
before they are wed.  If he can do only one thing right in his life, he will do
this.  But Aislinn is making it harder on him by the day, forever enticing him
as no suitable lady should.  When they are caught in a heavy thunderstorm and
must seek shelter— and shed their soaked clothes— will he be able to maintain
his fortitude or will her provoking and his overwhelming desire for her get the
better of him?


Donovan's Struggle
is an Erotic Novella focusing on an individual
character from
, Book I of the
Anam Céile Chronicles
, a
series which centers around true love, soul mates, self-discovery, loss,
vampires, lust, and the faith in reincarnation set in the lush backdrops of
rugged Ireland, beautiful, culturally rich Italy and Florence, amongst others.

Chapter One




espite the
fact that Aislinn MacAuliffe was endearingly awkward as a young lass, an
intense draw I felt towards her, as though pulled by a magnetic force which I
was utterly powerless to resist.  Always I did distinguish that she was unique—
perhaps even otherworldly somehow, if that is even possible— though never did I
quite put me finger on just what it was.  Nonetheless, that lass had smitten

And then seeing the way in which Aislinn had blossomed into
womanhood, oh my God!  Every time I did see her, I had to fight against staring
at her chest, finding meself assessing how her breasts seemed larger with each
time, me eyes were involuntarily drawn to them, the shape of them protruding
under her garment, as though they called out for me, me hands longed to know
the feel of them, to knead them, me mouth hungered fer the lusciousness I knew
was contained there. 

After all, the first time— and each time thereafter— that I
found pleasure by me own hand, me arousal had been provoked by thoughts of her,
mere imaginings of the mesmerizing curves of her body which even the loose-fitting
garments with which she covered herself did little to hide.

If she were to know the debauched musings of her which me
mind entertained, surely she would have thought me the filthiest scalawag.  Likely
she would have told me to be gone from her sight and never spoken to me again.

Nonetheless, please do not be misguided as to me feelings
fer Aislinn.  While me attraction to her was indeed unparalleled, the pure love
which filled me heart fer her was even more yet.  From the first time I laid
eyes upon her, even from afar, I was intrigued by her unmistakable spirit.  Then,
years afterwards, when I was introduced to her fer the first, even though she
was exceedingly gawky, still I was instantly besotted by her presence.

The next season, me duties as a veterinary apprentice did
not keep me as occupied as they customarily had.  Thus, I created excuses to
visit the farm of her father so that I may have the opportunity to see her,
just be in her presence, each time merely sustaining me through to the next
time.  To me dismay, on several occasions when I paid a visit to her father’s
farm, Aislinn was not there, her father always gruffly complaining how she
passed her days wandering through the surrounding lands mindlessly guided by
family who would soon be coming back to fetch her.  With each
word that left his mouth, I bristled.  How I resented the way he spoke of her,
his very own daughter, at that!

On one occasion, at last she was present when I arrived at
the farm, this time at the request of her mother, to examine Morrissey, their
old workhorse, fer illness.  Despite her father’s warning, Aislinn followed me
about the farm as a lamb, her eyes glued to me every move, making me so nervous
I could scarcely concentrate on me duties.  Though at the time I attributed it
to me hopeful imaginings, I felt as though she were devouring me with her
desirous eyes.  Yet, I had to silently admonish meself.  As a mere lass of
fifteen she was, not only was it highly unlikely she would be harbouring a
desire as that quite yet, it was indecent of me to be regarding her in such a

When the time had come fer me to be on me way, she followed
as I walked towards me horse.  Lifting her hand to me face, I planted a
delicate kiss upon it, inhaling the scent of her skin, committing it to memory
so that I would have something more to carry me through the long span of time
‘til again I would see her.  I delighted in her reaction as I observed her
sharp intake of breath, her eyes glazing over, her skin quivering.  With a
smile, I bid her farewell, and mounted me horse.  As I departed, I could feel
her eyes affixed to me until I was too far out of sight, me feelings fer her
soaring high.  Fer the first time, I held hope that she may actually feel the
same fer me as I had fer her.

Still, regardless of the deep feelings I held fer Aislinn,
fully aware I was that I must tread carefully if I was to acquire the approval
of her father.  Though he seemed to have great respect fer Doctor O’Connor— me
grandfather whose care I had been in since shortly after birth— I did not presume
that was sufficient fer him to overlook what I was, a bastard.  Me mother had
conceived me out of wedlock, and as a result, I had spent me life bearing the

It was me mission to portray to Mister MacAuliffe that I
held only the most honourable of intentions fer his daughter and I would do
nothing to give him any reason to ever refer to me less than honourable
origin.  To prove meself worthy of her love, I vowed to do right by Aislinn,
despite me unfavorable standing in decent society.  Never would I bring even
the slightest hint of disgrace upon her. 

Having just had her sixteenth birthday, she was at the
appropriate age to receive a suitor.  Thus, when I heard word that Aislinn
would be performing at the Annual Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival, in
addition to finally being able to witness the talent of her fiddling, I decided
it would be the perfect opportunity in which to make me declaration of intent
to court her.  And though, as always she never failed to surprise me with her
reactions, me decision to declare meself to her proved to be a wise one.  From
that day forth, we delighted in becoming better acquainted with one another, me
love fer her growing stronger than ever I believed possible.

Still, I could not help but feel her father was merely
putting up with me presence as we spent time together.  Therefore, I suppose I
should not have been shocked in the least the morning she came staggering into
Ballyvaughan, crying frantically as she disclosed to me how her father had
arranged a marriage between her and Aengus, a wealthy old gent in town with
eight children.  And though the idea of her marrying someone else ripped me
heart from me chest, still I found meself questioning whether Aislinn settling
fer someone as me was truly the best thing fer her.  After all, with her
incredible beauty, she could certainly have any gent she set out to, many of
whom could certainly provide her with a far better life than I could. 

Still, selfish man that I am, I could not allow her to be
forced into marriage to that corrupt old scoundrel.  Therefore, I consented to
drive her that eve to her cousin Deirdre’s residence in Galway where Aislinn
had intention of remaining, in hopes that her father would not pursue her,
happy to just be rid of the burden of her under his roof.



eciding she deserved a
pleasant respite from all she had endured, the following autumn after Aislinn had
absconded her father’s control, I took her on a trip to the Aran Islands.   While
there, I took note of her extraordinary fascination in spotting the Cliffs of
Moher off in the distance— though how ‘twas she could see them so clearly perplexed
me, as none of us could from that vantage point.  ‘Twas that moment I knew I would
take her there on her birthday and propose to her.  But, first things first. 
The prospect of an event as that would be determined by her reaction when I
declared me love to her on the Island as planned.

Our second night there, I
took her for a stroll at twilight.  Suddenly, I stopped and spun her towards me
so quickly she startled.  Me eyes brimming with love, fer the first time I began
to utter the words which had consumed me heart fer so long, “Aislinn, I lo—”

Disturbing me profound
declaration, she chose that most inopportune moment to sneeze.  Appearing embarrassed,
she looked up at me and replied, “Sorry, what say you, Donovan?”

I had to stifle me chuckle. 
And before I could repeat the words, a look of stunned realisation transformed
her face. 
“Oh, Donovan!” she squealed, throwing her arms about me.   When
she looked up at me again, her eyes were brimming with tears.  “You cannot
conceive of how long I have waited to hear those words come from your lips!”

Our eyes met as she
pulled back to look at me, me arms wrapping tight about her.  The first tear escaping
down her cheek, I leaned forward and kissed it away, tasting the saltiness upon
me lips.  She closed her eyes as I did, and rather than stop there, I went on softly
kissing down her cheek.  Upon reaching the corner of her mouth, I felt her suck
in her breath.  Then moving me lips to hers, I pressed into them softly.

Aislinn’s lips quivered beneath mine, and patiently I
awaited the invitation from her to proceed.  Her shock dissipating at last, I
felt her mouth soften, so tenderly I began to caress her luscious lips with
mine.  I celebrated the moment I felt them let go of all their apprehension and
give in to mine.  Her whole body began to relax and fall into me, her tongue
began to beckon me in and I followed willingly, relishing this first delectable
taste of her. 

Fer some time, we remained in that, our first embrace. 

BOOK: Donovan's Struggle, an Erotic Romance Novella (Anam Céile Chronicles)
2.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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