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Velvet Stables

© 2006 by Sean Michael

All rights reserved. No part of this eBook may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. For information address Sean Michael, 2515 Bank St., P.O. Box 40001, Ottawa, ON, K1V 0W8.

Printed in Canada.

ISBN: 978-0-9940260-7-1

Previously published by Torquere Press electronic edition / 2006

2nd Edition / February 2015

Andy and His Zim

Andy headed to their quarters, reaching into one stable or another, stroking the fine ponies as he passed. “Goodnight, Pretties. Tomorrow we’ll be around early, new riders coming to choose mounts.”

He locked the stable door, chuckling at the whinnies, the stamping feet. His partner, his soulmate, his Bear, was coming from the kennels, filthy and sweating, huge bulk filling the hallway, dark eyes shimmering with happiness.


“Hey, Bear. How’re the puppies?”

Bear grinned wide, chuckled. “Toothy, growly, playful. All curled in a pile.”

“You’re filthy.”

They opened the door, their own puppies waiting for them, pushing into their hands, wiggling. “Hey beautiful boys. Have you two had a good day?”

“Yes, Master,” replied Zim, speaking for both of them as usual. Zeb just barked, rubbing against Bear’s legs, tail quivering.

Andy purred down, stroking Zim’s hair, admiring the bright eyes of his sweet pet. The floor was carpeted with thick pile, easy on Zim and Zeb’s knees and hands as they crawled about on all fours. “Zeb, you need to bathe your master. The other puppies mussed him.”

Zeb barked twice and rubbed a moment longer against Bear before prancing off on all fours, stopping and coming back to Bear and then taking off again.

Bear chuckled, then followed Zeb with a happy grin. “Good boy. Let’s go have a bath.”

Andy watched them, then settled in his chair, patting his lap. “Come on, Pup. Let’s see your tail.”

Last night Zim had earned a hard spanking and a harder plugging, Andy using the sweet body until all the mischief was loved out of him.

Zim leapt onto his lap, tail waggling, rubbing against him, whimpering a little.

“You sore, Pet? Or okay?” He dipped his finger into the salve he kept by his chair, slowing circling Zim’s hole, nudging the plug with its tail.

Zim whimpered, pushing back against him. “Both, Master.”

“Too sore to be touched?” He slid the tail free, setting it aside, two slick fingers pushing deep, spreading the salve into his pup.

Groaning, Zim rode his fingers. “No, Master. A little sore, but also fine.”

Bright eyes looked up at him, soft whimpers sounding.

“Pretty Pup. And were you good all day?” He moved with slow, deep, sure strokes.

“I tried, Master. Very hard.” Zim’s eyes rolled as Andy hit the little gland.

“Such a sweet pup.” He worked that gland again and again, purring low. “Don’t spend until I give the word, pup.”

“Yes, Master.” Zim was rubbing against him, ass high in the air, pushing onto his fingers.

“Good boy, so pretty...” He moaned, cock pressing against his leather. “Missed your presence today in the stables. The ponies were looking for you.” All the while he pushed and touched, drawing pleasure from the sweet body.

“Missed them. Missed you. Oh, Master... Master.” Zim was rocking, eyes glazed with pleasure.

“Yes, pet. Show me what you need.” He added another finger, spreading the tiny hole for him.

Zim yelped and then barked, rocking harder.

“Such a pretty boy. So fine.” Andy’s cock was aching, throbbing, wanting to slam into the hot, tight flesh that was his pet.

“Oh. Oh, yours, Master. Yours.”

“Yes. Mine. My sweet pup.” He could smell Zim’s need, feel the hunger in the air. “Come for me now, pup. Show me.”

Zim howled, head snapping back, ass squeezing his fingers tight as his pup shot over his legs.

He chuckled, let his fingers slide free, stroked Zim’s spine as the tail was cleaned and slicked and pushed in deep. “Good boy.”

Zim’s tail wagged, ass moving hard as his hand was licked.

“Now, pup.” He gently pushed Zim off his lap, unfastened his now-wet leathers so his cock pressed out. “Now. Clean me and give me pleasure.”

“Yes, Master.” Zim began to lap at him eagerly, tail still wagging as the little tongue slid, hot and wet, over his cock.

He groaned, spreading his legs, groaning low. “No teeth, pup.”

Zim whimpered, wagging slowing, but the pup nodded. “Yes, Master.”

“Good boy.” Andy petted Zim’s head, moaning, needing. “So good.”

Zim barked, beaming up at him and then went back to licking, cleaning him thoroughly, gently taking his balls into the hot mouth, one at a time.

So hot. So gentle. Zim’s mouth was perfect, made for his pleasure.

Zim nuzzled behind his balls for a moment, licking and then the sweet, hot mouth was around his cock, pulling hard.

“Oh...” Andy tangled his hand in Zim’s hair, stroking, holding and petting. Needing as he fucked Zim’s mouth.

Zim whimpered around his cock, vibrating his prick.

“Good. Good, pup. More.” He pushed harder, taking his pleasure, trusting his pet.

Zim sucked harder, lips sliding on his prick, eyes gazing adoringly up him.

It wasn’t long before he was coming, shooting, and pouring himself into Zim’s lips. His pup eagerly swallowed him all down, not losing a drop.

“Good boy. So good.” He let Zim clean him, then drew his pup into his lap, petting gently.

Zim rubbed against him, licking at his hand, giving a little yelp now and then.

“Love you, sweet pet. So much.” Andy leaned back, relaxing, enjoying being home and sated and happy.

“Oh, Master, I love you.” Zim nuzzled against him, warm and sweet and loving.

Andy smiled, listening to Bear laugh from the other room, Zeb’s soft giggles. “Tell me all about you day, Zim. Tell me about how good my pups were.”

Zim giggled, the sound a lot like Zeb’s laughter. “We were good, Master. We cleaned and fed each other.” A sweet blush spread across Zim’s skin. “Made love.”

“Ah... Tell me how, pup. Did you suck Zeb’s pretty little prick?” Sweet boys. So wanton. So eager. So spoiled.

Of course, that was Bear’s fault.

“How did you know?” Those bright eyes smiled up at him, Zim cuddling in.

“I know my pup.” He tucked Zim into the curve of his arm. “Marty and Pat were taken off-planet today. Gone to live in a big, private stable.” The ponies had looked fine, too. Happy. Excited.

“Oh.” Zim’s face fell, his pup loved the ponies. “I didn’t get to say good bye.”

“We’ll comm them when they arrive and you can give them love when they visit.” He tapped Zim’s nose with one finger. “If you hadn’t misbehaved, pup...”

Zim looked down, whispered. “I know...”

Andy hugged Zim to him. “It’s over now, sweet boy. No pouting. Kiss me, pup.”

Tender-hearted love. Andy stroked and rocked; this pup was his center, his heart.

Zim leaned up, kissing, pressing close. “I missed you today. I missed seeing the ponies. I belong next to you.”

He stroked Zim’s collar, petting the long, dark hair. “Yes, pup. You belong with me. Always.”

Zim barked twice and pressed harder against him. “Yours, Master.”

Andy nodded, rocking, letting his eyes close, letting himself have a rest before supper. Home. Happy. Holding his pup.

Zim and Balfour, Puppy and Pony

Zim was a simple puppy.

He loved Zeb.

He loved the other puppies.

He loved the ponies.

He loved Bear.

And he loved Andy more than anything or anyone ever.

He’d been naughty and had missed a day with Andy and the ponies, but today they were up bright and early and off to get the ponies ready -- there were clients choosing mounts today.

He rubbed against Andy’s leg as they headed for the stables.

Andy murmured low, reached down to stroke him, pet him. Jostle his tail. “We need to get everyone ready, pup. See if we can’t get some good matches. We’ve got a few getting restless.”

A shiver went through him as the plug inside him moved. “Not Balfor though, right?”

Balfor was special, he was family. The only one besides Zeb, Andy and Bear who Zim could fall asleep with.

“If the right owner comes, I might consider it, but Balfor needs a very unique touch and Bear’s attached.” His hair was ruffled. “We’re more likely to add a stable hand to the family and keep Bal with us than to find someone we’d offer him to.”

Zim gave a little yip, happy to trust Andy not to break up their family.

The stable door was opened and Andy patted him. “You round them up, pup. I’ll get the hose and rinse them down.”

He licked Andy’s hand and stood up, undoing the stall door latches and going in to wake up each pony, rubbing and licking them, nudging them out with his nose.

Balfor was last, the huge pony snoring, sleeping in the hay, black mane messy.

Zim bent and rubbed noses with the huge mount, licking and kissing. He barked twice.

Pretty, pretty dark eyes opened, Balfor leaning in and nuzzling.

He whimpered and yipped, kissing again, licking the warm lips. “Master needs you.”

Balfor nodded, dark eyelashes making shadows on the long face as the pony stood and stretched, heading out, long tail swinging.

Zim followed, nipping playfully at Balfor’s legs. Balfor tossed his head, chuffing and snorting, going up to nuzzle Andy, nibble at him.

Zim fetched the curry brushes and brought them to Andy. Maybe Andy would let him brush Balfor. Maybe Andy would let the giant pony mount him. His tail quivered at the thought.

“Good pup.” Andy sprayed Balfor down, the huge pony stamping, tossing his head. “Easy, boy. You’re in high spirits today.” Andy turned off the water, hands taking Balfor’s face. “I want you on your best behavior today, Bal. I want everyone to be stunned at your perfection.”

Balfor nickered, leaned into the touch, eyes closing.

“Pup, can you handle Bal? Brush him, get him prepared?”

Zim nodded, tail wagging eagerly. “Yes, Master. Do you think an orgasm would help calm him, Master?”

Andy thought, sunlight turning his master’s hair bright copper. “That’s an excellent idea, pup, but make sure you get him hard and bound after. I want him to be perfect.”

“I will, Master.” Zim was practically vibrating and he almost didn’t ask for permission to let Balfor fuck him, after all, if Andy didn’t say he couldn’t, it wouldn’t be disobeying, but the specter of the day left behind was fresh and so he asked. “Can I let him mount me, Master?”
Please, oh please, oh please
. He whimpered, waiting.

Those warm eyes that saw everything looked at him, so proud, so happy. “Yes. My good boy. You may. Go on, now. I have work to do.”

Balfor tossed his head, cock heavy and hard.

“Thank you, Master!” He ran to Andy and licked his Master’s hand, barked twice and then nipped at Balfour’s heels, herding him toward one of the empty stalls that would have clean bedding.

Balfor moved, muscles rippling, black tail full and swaying. They ended in a nice, clean stall, the sunshine pouring in, fresh water waiting.

He turned to Balfor and raised his arms, wanting up, wanting to kiss and rub and get them both hot before Balfor removed his tail and mounted him with that beautiful huge cock. He barked twice, eyes shining up at the pony.

Balfor gathered him up against that so-wide chest, head dropping to nuzzle at his neck, his shoulders. The pony’s skin was still damp and cool from the hose, still a little slick. He wrapped his legs around Balfor’s middle, hands carding through the long mane. Oh, he would make Balfor shine. After they rutted.

He took Balfor’s head in his hands and brought their mouths together, whimpering into the kiss as he rubbed against the cool, slick skin.

Balfor tasted sweet, Zeb said it was the grains, the fresh water, but Zim thought it was just Balfor, just the natural goodness in the huge man.

“You want me?” he asked Balfor, licking at the pony’s skin, nibbling Balfor’s neck.

Balfor nodded, rubbing that heavy cock against him.

His hole was throbbing, squeezing the plug inside him, making his tail vibrate. “Me, too.”

He gave Balfor another kiss, then wriggled out of the big arms and fetched a pot of oil, lovingly slicking up Balfor’s large cock, moaning at the thought of it penetrating him. Balfor groaned, cock pushing into his grip, fucking his hands. So hot, so thick. It would be so good buried inside him.

Zim pushed the bottle of oil into Balfor’s hands and went onto his hands and knees on the mattress, tail pushing up into the air, his whole body quivering with anticipation. He heard Balfor’s soft chuckle, felt those hard, hot hands spreading him and pulling his tail free. Two slick fingers pushed in, sure and hard, spreading him wide.

He whimpered and yelped, wriggling back and pushing onto Balfor’s fingers. “More.”

Another finger joined the two, making him gasp, spread his thighs. “Oh, Balfor!” He yipped and barked, riding Balfor’s fingers.

He could feel Balfor’s breath on his shoulder, his nape, cock nudging him, needing in.

He nodded, barking. “Yes, please.” He was vibrating with his own need, just waiting for the reaming no one but Balfor with that huge cock could give him.

The world spun when Balfor pushed in, spreading him wide, covering him completely and stealing his breath.

He whimpered, pushing back, shaking with pleasure. “Oh, Balfor. Such a big pony.”

Balfor moaned, nuzzling him, kisses covering his shoulders as he was well and surely fucked, Balfor like a club inside him.

Over and over again Balfor’s huge cock pushed into him, stretching him so wide and hitting his gland. Zim howled and barked, body shaking as his cock slapped his belly with every thrust. Heavy teeth took hold of his nape -- careful not to tear, but holding him fast -- as the thrusts came faster, harder, so deep, and so good.

He wrapped his fingers in the sheets, holding on tight as he rocked with Balfor, letting the pony know how good it was, how much pleasure it was bringing him. Soon one hand slid over his hip, Balfor offering him one hard hand to rub against, find his pleasure. He rubbed like mad, the friction just what he needed. Howling, he came, squeezing Balfor’s huge cock.

Balfor’s thrusts continued, getting jerky and random before heat filled him deep. He whimpered happily, licking at whatever part of Balfor’s skin he could reach. Balfor stayed inside him, slowly relaxing for a long moment, then rolling off to the side, breath slowing.

Yipping gently, Zim licked at Balfor’s face, hands petting the big pony. Balfor nickered softly, muscles rippling for him, eyes dark and peaceful. Zim barked happily and hugged Balfor quickly before going to get the curry comb.

He brushed out Balfor’s mane, stroking and petting the big pony. Balfor rested, eyes closed, letting him brush and pet and stroke.

Once he had Balfor’s beautiful mane and tail shining from their brushing, he took the pot of oil and began to work it into Balfor’s body, oiling the bronzed skin, making the big muscles shine.

Balfor looked beautiful in a saddle, cock hard, bound and leaking, and Zim was proud to be the one to prepare him today.

Andy’s face appeared as Andy looked in, a bit and decorated bridle in one hand. “Oh, he looks fine. Call me when you’re done and I’ll bridle him.”

“Almost ready, Master. Will you put my tail back in while you’re here?” He wiggled his naked ass at Andy.

“Slutty pup.” Andy took the plug and grinned, rummaging through a pack at his side, pulling out a thicker plug and attaching his tail to it. “There. That’s more like it. Spread for me, pup.”

He barked happily, legs spreading, hands reaching for the floor so that his ass was up and spread for his Master.

The plug was thick, heavy, but after Balfor it felt good, snug. Right. As did the gentle slap to his ass. “Alright, pup. Finish your chores.”

He wagged his tail enthusiastically, the heavy plug shifting as his ass wiggled. “Yes, Master.”

Andy gave Balfor a pat, fed the pony some apple, speaking quietly, stroking.

Zim finished the oiling and then found the elaborate cock and ball ring that matched Balfor’s fancy bridle. He took the big cock in both his hands and stroked, leaning in to nuzzle and lick at the hot flesh.

Balfor stretched, preening a little, cock so slowly filling.

He whimpered, ass squeezing around the plug, his own cock growing back to life along with Balfor’s. He took the tip of Balfor’s prick into his mouth and began to suck, fingers wrapping the leather around Balfor’s ballsac.

“Zzzzim...” Balfor’s voice, so rarely heard, purred out at him.

Oh. Oh, he looked up and up and up, beaming at Balfor. Taking one last suck, he efficiently closed the cock ring around Balfor’s length and nuzzled against the big pony’s belly.

“Master,” he called out. “Your very best pony is ready for you.”

Balfor was shining, proud, hard, beautiful and Andy’s eyes showed their master’s pleasure as he gently bound Balfor’s hands and slipped the bridle over Balfor’s head. Then the bit was tapped against the soft lips. “Open your mouth.”

Balfor opened slowly, took the bit, and Andy fastened the bridle. “Good boy.”

Zim’s cock throbbed at the sight. Balfor was beautiful. “Oh, Master... “

Andy stroked Balfor’s belly, nodding. “Our beautiful pony.”

“I bet they all look wonderful, Master.” He went over to Andy, licking his Master’s hand and then dropping to all fours, wagging his tail.

“Indeed, but this one is special.” Andy attached two sparkling, shining jewels to the rings in Balfor’s nipples. “This pony is mine.”

He barked, three high, sharp yips of agreement and rubbed against Andy’s legs and then Balfor’s.

Andy nodded, patting Balfor’s flank, settling him in line with the others. “Come now. Let’s go meet the riders.”

BOOK: Velvet Stables
2.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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