Not Looking for Love: A Cowboy Romance

BOOK: Not Looking for Love: A Cowboy Romance
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(A Cowboy Romance)




Mae Martini

Not Looking for Love


Copyright © 2016 by Mae Martini

All rights reserved.


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This book is a work of fiction.  The names and events are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or actual events are entirely coincidental.




Warning: 18 and over, please. Due to the nature of Simone’s profession, this book is over the top with sex scenes and explicit language.

Chapter 1



“Mmm-mm-mm.” Richie Warren slid his Aviators down his nose as he sucked in a breath. This woman was absolutely breathtaking. Her long lean legs went on forever, her wet, sun-kissed body glistened with the green Caribbean water as she walked out of the ocean. He watched her walk to one of the palapas nearest the shore and pick up a blue and white striped towel, the signature towel of the Warren Hotel, Aruba, and dry herself off. His eyes were glued to her rack as she bent over to dry her legs. Her tanned globes a perfect contrast on impressive display in her white bikini.

He slid his glasses back up and grabbed another Corona from the bucket of ice by his lounge and turned to his cousin, Will.

“Mmmmm, Dushi ‘om,” Will said in the Papiament
language of the island, recognized by the Dutch government.

“Delicious, indeed.” Richie took a sip of beer and watched as the woman, her ass to him now, straightened out the towels on her lounge that were disheveled due to the steady trade winds that Aruba was known for.

“Yeah, baby. Just like that, bend over. I’d fuck your sweet ass,” Will said.

Richie mentally shook his head. His cousin, his very married cousin, with twin girls was one of the most perverted guys he’d ever known. Will was almost five years older than him and when Richie turned sixteen the two of them would traverse the globe, meeting chicks, partying all the time. Once, when Richie was fourteen and their families were in Paris, he and Will hopped on a train to De Wallen – the Red Light District in Amsterdam where they smoked pot and took in live porn shows. Will wanted to pay for a couple of hookers to pop Richie’s cherry, but Richie had already lost his virginity two nights before when he met a girl in Paris and she took him home to her apartment and they did the deed, and when her roommate came home she joined in. Richie always looked older for his age and when the girls found out he was only fourteen, they threw him out. He should have been angry but he was just excited to have had sex… a menage a trois, no less.

Richie refused the hookers. He felt uncomfortable with all the drunk, rowdy men and sleazy perverts that walked the alleys ogling the women and going in and out of the glass doors.

A lot of the women in the windows with a red light looked middle-aged and did nothing for Richie. There was one pretty young woman in a revealing bikini wiggling her ass at passersby that for a moment he thought about paying for her, but when he saw her open her door for an old drunk guy with a sore on his mouth, he quickly changed his mind, afraid he’d get an STD. That didn’t stop Will though, he hooked up with one of the older women and Richie wound up waiting for him by meandering the alleys and taking in the sights and horrible stench of vomit and urine emanating from there as he thought about how he was good with not needing to go there ever again.

Richie learned a lot about his cousin through the years of carousing with him and the dirty things he would do to and with women as if they were nothing more than playthings. Richie’s take on women was much different than his cousin’s. Yeah, he liked to get down and dirty with them, but they always made the first move, and afterward, he’d take care of them, treat them well, revere them even, unlike his cousin who used, abused, and turned them out. This was why he distanced himself from Will a little more than five years prior. Now, at twenty-six, Richie had no regrets. His cousin never changed. The only reason they were together in Aruba was due to tradition. Every year for Christmas his family and his father’s brother’s family celebrated at their hotel there. It was started by Richie’s grandfather, Richard Warren I, twenty-five years ago when the hotel first opened.

“Remember when we used to bet on who can bang the girl first?” Will asked.

Richie took a sip of his beer while keeping his eyes on the woman. She now sat and was combing her long blonde hair. She paused to sign for the cocktail a server brought over. He thought about the money they threw around. The bets started out at fifty dollars. By the time Richie started pulling away they were up to five thousand dollars. Such a waste.

Richie didn’t even bother to answer him, feeling quite ashamed for acting like an asshole back then. Instead he said, “Hey, so what’s with Beverly?”

“Who, the chick at the front desk?”


“Why? You wanna do her?”

Richie clicked the roof of his mouth with his tongue. “No. Yesterday I caught her coming out of one of the meeting rooms on the second floor. There was no function going on. She seemed shocked to see me there and quickly took the stairs down. I hung around to see if anyone else would come out and sure enough just when I walked over to the elevator a bald-headed guy who appeared to be in his mid to late thirties came out and got on the same elevator as me.”

“Hah! Jose always told me she fucks anything on two legs. I never believed it, but it must be true.”




After hanging by the beach all day and grabbing dinner at the steakhouse in the hotel, Richie strode over to the lobby bar which was situated between the north and the south tower guest rooms. Passing the front desk he spotted the bald-headed guy leaning over the counter, and he and Beverly were laughing with the bald guy slowing grazing her arm with his fingers, and it appeared to Richie they were flirting. She was throwing her long curly brown hair around and giggling.

He looked around and saw the other lady at the front desk checking in a couple, and a family waiting on line to be checked in. He waited until Beverly spotted him. Her face dropped. She quickly shooed baldy away and called over the family that was waiting. Shaking his head, Richie walked on toward the bar.

No surprise his cousin was already there.

“Don’t you ever spend time with your wife and kids?” he asked him.

“Bridgette is PMSing. No one is safe. I had to get out of there. I kinda feel sorry for the girls, but then I think about when all of them will get it at the same time… I’m fucked, huh?”

Richie gave him a little smirk as he took a seat next to him at the glossy white oval shaped bar. Big screen TVs on the walls had different football games on. He asked Raymond, the bartender, to put the Dallas game on the biggest screen on the wall.

As Raymond placed down a glass of scotch Richie had ordered, the two of them spoke about the last play the Cowboys had made. Raymond began backing away when he spotted someone taking a seat two chairs down from Richie. Richie glanced in the direction he was heading, pleasantly surprised to see the blonde, from the beach earlier, wearing sunglasses. Her hair was long and silky looking with streaks of even blonder hair running through it. A white sweater draped her shoulders. Her fleshy mounds were mouthwatering as they spilled a little bit above her black blouse, and he found himself licking his lips. He scanned down noticing her black skirt ended high on her thighs and his eyes continued their descent down her tanned, sexy legs. Spiked strappy sandals encased her slender feet with high arches showing off her bright red nail polish. When he lifted his head to her face he realized she was looking his way still wearing her sunglasses. He thought he saw a ghost of a smile before she turned to the bartender.

Richie was getting antsy. He kept looking from the football game to her, not even caring what was happening on the TV. He didn’t even hear anything his cousin was saying, although, Will had since started talking with a couple of girls sitting on the other side of him.

He watched as the woman lifted up her glasses and rested them atop her head, pulling back her hair from her face. Richie’s heart stopped a beat. She had a beautiful face to go with that knockout body. Oval shaped with a straight nose on a clear complexion with full lips he wanted to lick, though his dick had another idea, arched brows above smoky brown…wet eyes.

She brought a hand up to wipe the tears then cupped her hand by her ear, swooping back a loose strand of hair behind it as she looked down.

Richie got the bartender’s attention and had him send over another of whatever she was drinking. He rose up just as Raymond set the glass down in front of her.

She tilted her head at the bartender as he set down a fresh Paloma. Raymond shifted his head in Richie’s direction and said a few words. She threw Richie a look, the shape of an O on her mouth.

Richie smiled and pushed his chair out, getting ready to walk over to her then paused when he saw the bald guy that was with Beverly earlier go up to her and put his arm around her and kiss her on the lips. He sat back down again just as he caught her pulling back from him. He tried to concentrate on the game on the screen, but her boyfriend or whatever the hell he was to her was being very animated. His hands gesturing wildly as he raised his voice a few times. Richie didn’t know what he was saying, but clearly there was a fight going on. He wanted to go over there and interject when he saw the guy pulling her, but she got up as she glanced his way. He got the feeling she didn’t want to cause a scene. Baldy draped his arm around her shoulders and they walked away, toward the south tower rooms.

He never did see her again during his stay that year.

BOOK: Not Looking for Love: A Cowboy Romance
12.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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