Married to Murder: The Bizarre and True Accounts of People Who Married Murderers

BOOK: Married to Murder: The Bizarre and True Accounts of People Who Married Murderers
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Married to Murder

The Bizarre and True Accounts of People Who Married Murderers

By William Webb


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Table of Contents

About Us

Carol Ann Boone: Ted Bundy’s Sweetheart

The Woman from Washington State

Proposal and Marriage in the Court Room

Marriage to a Monster

The Mother of Ted Bundy’s Child

Believer in Ted Bundy’s Innocence

Does Ted Bundy Have Grandchildren?


Even Serial Killers Can Be Unfaithful: Coral Branch


Serial Killer to Gigolo

Still in Prison


From Serial Killer Groupie to Victim: the Carol Spadoni Jablonski Story

Sexual Predators and Serial Killers Make Poor Husbands

Killing Spree

Not the Brightest Man

Trolling for Victims Online


He Married Charles Manson’s Executioner: James Whitehouse

Law Career Motivated by Compassion for a Person Regarded as a Monster

Proud of Her Work

Conversion and Two Marriages

Stepfather of the Son of Charles Manson


Love from an Advertisement: The Dagmar Polzin Story

A Benetton Ad Brought Them Together

Love at First Sight

She’ll Never Be with the Man She Travelled 4,000 Miles to Be Near

Low IQ and Strange Circumstances


Rosalie Bolin: The Death Penalty Foe Who Married a Serial Killer

A Celebrity in Her Own Right

Opposites Attract

A Very Hated Woman

Rosalie Martinez: Passionate Crusader or Love-struck Fool?


She Married the Monster from Beverly Hills: Tammi Menendez

Long Distance Love with a Murderer

A Sensitive Man

She Believes in Her Man

A Spiritual Man or a Con Man


She Had Four Children by Charles Manson’s “Lieutenant for Killing”: Kristin Svege

Four Children Fathered by a Manson Family Member

From Satanist to Born Again Pastor

The Devil’s Business

Divorce and Tex Watson Today


She Married a Hillside Strangler: Shirlee Book

From Serial Killer Groupie to Bride

A Weird Previous Affair

Not Living Happy Ever After


She Married a Shotgun Murderer from Beverly Hills: Anna Eriksson

Former Playboy Model from Colorado

Victim of Abuse or Future Serial Killer

A Pair of Psychopaths

Abuse Victim to Lover

A Failed Relationship


She Married Her Twin Sister’s Murderer: Edith Casas

Murder of a Girlfriend

Family Feud

Love Triangle Leads to Murder


She Married Scotland’s Most Violent Man: Sarah Trevelyan

Daughter of the Censor Marries a Gangster

A Reformed Man

Comfortable Life on the Outside

They Didn’t Live Happily Ever After


Married to a Hillside Strangler: The Christine Kizuka Story

A Monster and the Longest Trial in American History

Was Buono a Dupe or a Monster?

An Unconsummated Marriage

She Married the Night Stalker: Doreen Lioy

Opposites Attract

Courting on Death Row

Bizarre Marriage on Death Row

Sondra London: The Queen of Serial Killer Groupies

The Serial Killer Groupie Queen and the Happy Face Killer

Profiting from Serial Killers

The Gainesville Ripper

Love or Profit

Profiting from Grisly Gainesville and the Happy Face


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Carol Ann Boone: Ted Bundy’s Sweetheart


No serial killer seems to have captured the American imagination more than Ted Bundy. The law student and sexual predator’s dashing good looks, charm, and well-spoken ways made him a natural celebrity. They also won over one woman who married Bundy and allegedly bore his child, Carol Ann Boone.

It’s not known whether Bundy actually loved Boone or simply used her in an attempt to avoid prosecution. Yet he did marry the woman, who met him in court when he was on trial for the kidnapping, rape, and murder of a 12-year-old girl.


The Woman from Washington State

Even though she married one of the most famous serial killers in history and bore his child, not that much is known about Carol Ann Boone or her background. Press and other sources cannot even agree on the proper spelling or her first name, Carol or Carole.

What is known is that Boone was from the state of Washington, just like Bundy, and she had apparently known Bundy before he launched his cross-country killing spree. Boone lived in Olympia, Wash. and worked at the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES) at the same time as Bundy. She had been married before and had a teenaged child from that marriage. Other than that, nothing is known about Boone or her background.


Proposal and Marriage in the Court Room

Even though Carol Ann Boone is often listed as Ted Bundy’s wife, it is unclear whether she was legally married to the man. It is also unknown if she actually gave birth to his daughter or not, even though it is widely believed she did.

What is known is this: a woman named Carol Ann Boone testified for Ted Bundy during two trials in Florida in 1980. Bundy was on trial for the murder of two members of the Chi Omega Sorority at Florida State University in Tallahassee and the kidnapping and murder of 12-year-old Kimberly Diane Leach from a junior high school in Lake City, Fla.

Interestingly enough, Bundy was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list for two prison breaks in Colorado when he committed the murders. Bundy had broken out of the Pitkin County Jail in Aspen, Colo. in June 1977 and wandered around the wilderness for six days before he was recaptured. Six months later, Bundy broke out of the Garfield County Jail in Glenwood Springs, Colo. and fled to Florida.


Marriage to a Monster

The strangest event surrounding Boone occurred during Bundy’s second Florida murder trial for the killing of Kimberly Leach. Boone got up to testify for Bundy during the death penalty phase of the trial. To everybody’s surprise, Bundy got up and proposed to Boone, who accepted. Bundy then pronounced the two “married.”

The former law student was apparently taking advantage of an old Florida state law that allowed persons who declared marriage in front of a judge to be legally married. Since there was no court ruling on this and no marriage certificate, it is unclear if this was a legal marriage or not.

The reason for Bundy’s marriage is unclear. One possible reason for it is that Bundy, who was well read in the law and a master manipulator, was trying to take advantage of legal prohibitions against wives testifying against husbands. If that is true, Boone might have known something about Bundy’s criminal activities that he did not want her to disclose.

What is known is that Boone took advantage of the marriage to visit Bundy at death row at
Raiford Prison where he was being held. At the time, Bundy was a major national celebrity who was attracting a lot of media attention. He may have also become a father.


The Mother of Ted Bundy’s Child

In October 1982, Carol Ann Boone gave birth to a daughter and claimed that Ted Bundy was the father. This claim is highly doubtful because conjugal visits (sex with prisoners) were not allowed on Florida’s death row. Bundy was never left alone with visitors, so it is not known if he could have sex with Boone or not. Some believers in Boone’s story claim that she or Bundy could have bribed a guard to look the other way. It is doubtful that any guard would have risked his career for Ted Bundy.

Since no DNA tests have been done on Boone’s daughter, it is impossible to tell whether the claims are true or not. One possibility is that Boone got pregnant by another man as a way of attracting attention.


Believer in Ted Bundy’s Innocence

Even though Ted Bundy publicly confessed to 30 murders, Carol Anne Boone publicly proclaimed her belief in his innocence. She testified for him as a character witness in the death row phase of his trials.

Boone also told the media that she thought Ted was being railroaded for the crimes despite the confession and forensic evidence. Bundy’s marriage to her may have been an effort to support such claims and make it harder to give him the death penalty.

The efforts did no good because Ted Bundy died in the electric chair on Jan. 24, 1989. Bundy’s body was cremated and his ashes were scattered in the mountains of Washington. It isn’t known whether Boone scattered the ashes or not.


Does Ted Bundy Have Grandchildren?

The ultimate fate and current whereabouts of Carol Anne Boone and her daughter are unknown. It is widely believed that Boone changed her surname to protect her daughter from publicity. The daughter would now be 30 years old and probably have children of her own. That means Ted Bundy might actually have grandchildren somewhere, and those grandchildren may have no idea who their grandfather was.

BOOK: Married to Murder: The Bizarre and True Accounts of People Who Married Murderers
13.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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