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Special report from the newsroom of
WROK 106, Tiptonia, Indiana-


Police have begun a statewide manhunt
in an effort to find two men that have escaped from a Kentucky
state prison last week. Manfred Davis 35 and Cooper Duggan 32 have
been targeting upper class neighborhoods by showing up on
unsuspecting families doorsteps pretending to be seriously injured
in a car accident, and once inside their victims home they proceed
to hold them hostage and ransack their home for jewelry, money and
other various items of a high value. So far they have struck at
least two neighborhoods in Illinois and Kentucky and now
authorities are concerned that they are heading towards Indiana
now. The most disturbing aspect of this according to Sgt. Owens of
the Tiptonia Police Dept. is the execution style murders of the
victims. Police in both Illinois and Kentucky have found helpless
victims, dead on their living room floor with their hands tied
behind their backs and major head wound trauma from a gunshot.
Local police are urging homeowners in all classes of neighborhoods
to not answer the door if it sounds suspicious or if you feel in
danger. They are said to be wearing regular blue jeans and dark
t-shirts. Manfred Davis also wears a red bandana around his neck.
Above all, these men are considered extremely dangerous and if you
are to come in contact with them you are urged to stay away and
call 911 immediatley.








Megan Birch was already in her seat
well before the bell rang on the last period of the day. She
couldn’t wait to get the math final over with and despite a
ready-made cheat sheet, well hidden under desk and taped to her
knee, she was still nervous as hell about getting caught. She had
Conner Evans to thank for the extra help with getting at least half
the answers right on the exam. He couldn’t say no to her and she
knew he wouldn’t. He just couldn’t resist those big brown eyes of
hers and her thick and wavy shoulder length brown hair. Plus she
smelled really nice to when she asked him a week before the exam.
For Connor it wasn’t easy being a math whiz, especially when
everyone from the shoprats to the jocks asked you for help, be it
with homework or cheating on a test. He didn’t mind though helping
out Megan.

Her stomach fluttered as her
math teacher Mr. Donner made his way around the room handing out
exams. He wanted to make sure each and every one of his students
got the test personally delivered to them so he knew for sure they
got it and weren’t up to any funny stuff. Megan could feel her
underarms birth new sweat as he walked past her.
Don’t worry girl, you got this. Just one more week
and good riddance Tiptonia High and hello big, wonderful
she thought. Megan hated math
but loved and excelled highly in drama class. She had great hopes
of becoming an actress someday and she wasn’t going to let some
lame math exam get in her way. She nibbled at her pencil eraser as
Mr. Donner said, “Begin. You have forty five minutes.” Great. Forty
five minutes of worrying about equations and useless math garbage
keeping her from realizing her dream of becoming an actress and
wondering if she’ll ever make it out of Tiptonia and move on to
better places. That sweat in her arm pits was almost saturating her
t-shirt. Good thing she didn’t forget to wear deodorant. The clock
was ticking away and she did her best to look casual as she peeked
below her desk to see the answers Connor had provided her
How can I concentrate on square roots
when all I wanna do is play make believe on a stage with other
people and read scripts and go over line delivery with my acting
coach and have a director tell me I’m the greatest living actress
in the world today. C’mon Conner baby don’t let me down.
The timer went off on Mr. Donner’s desk and it was
all a blur to Megan. She’ll be dreaming about numbers and fractions
chasing her down a dark alley tonight when she lays her pretty
little eighteen year head down on her pillow. She let out a much
needed sigh of relief at the sound of the bell. Goodbye Friday.
Hello weekend.

She pulled herself up slowly out of her
seat. She sluggishly walked past Mr. Donner’s desk where he sat
with a big smile on his face telling his students on their way out,
“Don’t worry everyone, you did just fine.” Megan rolled her eyes at
him as he shuffled the exam papers on his desk. Her bladder felt
like it was going to burst. She had forgotten to go pee before
class and now it had caught up to with her. A quick stop to the
girl’s restroom was in order before her usual after school get
together with her best friends Liz and Andi.

She breathed out a sigh of relief as
she sat on the toilet and then she heard from outside of the stall,
“Hey Hollywood. How was it?” Of course it was Liz Parker a.k.a.
loudmouth as Megan would sometimes call her.

“Jesus Liz,” Megan laughed. “How do you
it’s me in here. I could be old lunch lady Scattner.”

“I know your pee smell hon. How’s

“That’s fucking gross Liz,” Megan
laughed again as she wiped and then flushed. She pushed the stall
door open and Liz was leaning against the sink with her arms
crossed, glaring at her best friend. Megan stopped in front of

“What?” She asked.

“Well, do you think you passed the
exam?” Liz said.

She laughed and said, “I’m sure Conner
did just fine.” She began washing her hands.

“Oh c’mon Hollywood, don’t sweat that
math shit.” Liz did her best to try and cheer up Megan. “I don’t
think an A average is required for passing a screen test, know what
I mean?” Besides, once this dream world of books, and boyfriends
and old fart teachers is over next week, you’ll be setting your
sights on a whole new future. And as for me, well you

“Liz, no one is holding a gun to your
head saying you have to work for your dad after high

“Really? News flash babe, he’s the one
holding the gun.”

Liz was doomed to work at her father’s
place of employment, Benson machining since she turned fourteen.
Even though she kept a steady B average throughout high school and
managed not to get pregnant like five other girls did in her class,
she was headed towards the wonderful roar of a hot and dirty
factory all because she had no aspiration to further her education
after high school. College was never in her forecast.

“I’m still counting on you coming with
me to California in two months,” Megan said as she held Liz’s

Liz, who was three inches taller than
Megan and had long, straight blonde hair said, “You know I wouldn’t
miss it for the world. Just promise me one thing.”

Megan looked at her curiously,
squinting her eyes.

“No porn!” She said pointing her finger
at Megan.

“Oh Lizzy please!”

“I’m serious Hollywood, you gotta be
careful. Those movie people can be really sleazy. One second you’re
in a room reading a script and then before you know it you’re on
your knees with five cocks slappin’ you in the face.”

“Oh my god Liz, seriously!”

Her best friend fell to her
knees in front of her right there in the girls restroom and began
fake sucking cock while saying in between slurping sounds,
“I….thought….this was….a romantic comedy,”

Megan wide eyed and stunned couldn’t
help but laugh. A young freshman came through the door and was
having second thoughts thinking she could hold it after seeing Liz
performing a mock multiple blowjob on the floor. Megan saw the girl
and began laughing even harder. The door opened again and it was
Ms. Bellmond, the school guidance counselor. She stopped dead in
her tracks at what she saw. A sarcastic grim formed on her face.
She asked, “Is her sugar low?”

Megan still laughing shook her head and
said, “I don’t think so Ms. Bellmond.”

Liz suddenly jumped up. She put her arm
around Megan.

“Hi Ms. B. Megan here is going to
inquire about the adult industry after high school and I was just
showing her what she had to look forward to.” She smiled with a big
cheesy grin.

They began walking out and Liz didn’t
let up.

“C’mon Meg, let’s go do some job
research. My mommy and daddy aren’t home.”

“I’m sorry Ms. Bellmond,” Megan said
holding her mouth, trying to control her laughter as she exited the


Megan opted out of going to
the pizza shack with Liz and there other good friend Andi after
school. Even though it was a Friday afternoon and Liz did
temporarily make her forget about her math exam via her ‘air
blowjob’, she was too nervous and flustered to eat. They said
goodbye and Megan started for home in her pink Honda Fit. Her dad
got it for her on her seventeenth birthday. On her drive home she
thought about Liz and how she was going to go work at that nasty
factory, which she couldn’t believe. If she had it her way, Liz
would move out to California with her permanently. But she knew her
parents would never allow it. She hated the idea of leaving her
best friend behind in this shit town of nothingness and cornfields
while she went out in the world and lived and made a life for
herself. As she drove the streets of her neighborhood, she went
past the playground where she, Liz and Andi would always play when
they were little. She couldn’t help but smile when she drove past
and saw herself when she was seven, gliding back and forth on a
swing and Liz giggling and pushing her and Andi in front of her
pretending to get kicked. A lump formed in her throat but she knew
she wasn’t a kid anymore. She was eighteen with goals and dreams
and hopes of becoming an actress. Her pink little Honda pulled into
her driveway and came to a stop in front of a two car garage. It
was ten till four in the afternoon. Her house was just a standard
middle class home in a middle class neighborhood.
Good ol’ middle class Tiptonia, Indiana.
She had the radio on and just before she turned
the car off a radio announcer said
several bodies were discovered in the barn. Police say it was a
gruesome scene, the worst they’ve ever witnessed. There are still
no leads on who…..
She turned the car off
and got out. Some kids across the street were yelling and laughing,
playing ball. The day was hot, almost too hot for early June. Her
parents weren’t home yet from work and her little brother Bobby was
out god knows where. When she stepped inside the rush of cool air
conditioning felt good to her. She went upstairs to her room where
she threw her purse on her nightstand and flopped down on her bed
and fell asleep. She awoke two hours later to the faint sound of
her mother calling her name and the insatiable aroma of a home
cooked meal. She sat up and looked at the clock. “Fuck,” she said
under her breath. It was six thirty in the evening and it was still
light outside. Her hair was sticking to her face from sweating
after she fell asleep and her clothes felt wrinkly. She quickly put
on a pair of shorts not really caring how short they were and went
downstairs. Her dad and brother were lying on the floor watching a
baseball game. Her mom was in the kitchen, just now pulling out a
pot roast from the oven which had been cooking all day. Megan opted
for the kitchen.

“There’s my beautiful daughter,” her
mom said cheerfully even after working a ten hour day.

“Whatever mom. I look like

Her mom gave a sour look and asked, “So
how was your exam? Think you did ok?”

It was the last thing Megan
wanted to talk about but she knew her parents would be all over it
when she got home.
Conner did great mom.
Didn’t you know he gave me some of the answers and I taped them to
my leg so I could cheat.
Megan always did
fine in school and had never cheated until now her senior year. She
really had no choice because her parents threatened that if she
didn’t graduate she could kiss her acting career

BOOK: Game Night
11.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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