Gale, Avery - Rissa's Recovery [The Shadowdance Club 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage and More)

BOOK: Gale, Avery - Rissa's Recovery [The Shadowdance Club 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage and More)
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The ShadowDance Club 3


Rissa’s Recovery


Rissa Murphy’s escape from slave traders two years ago was pure luck. She moved back to her hometown, seeking the safety of the small, tight-knit community with its overabundance of former Special Forces operators. But she’s been found again, and her enemies aren’t planning to let her slip away again.


While operating the spa inside The ShadowDance Club, a widely popular BDSM club near Climax, Colorado, Rissa has caught the eye of Doms Mitch Grayson and Bryant Davis. Mitch is a gifted empath who has tried to build her trust while waiting for Bryant to return stateside. Mitch knows Rissa is the woman they’ve been searching for, and as soon as Bryant meets her, he agrees.


But can they keep her safe and convince her that she is one they want to share their lives with? That she is everything they’ve dreamed of? Is Rissa brave enough to let Mitch and Bryant heal her heart?


BDSM, Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre

67,731 words


The ShadowDance Club 3

Avery Gale


Siren Publishing, Inc.

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To Granny,

I miss you every single day. You were one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me. You taught me the importance of keeping an open mind and a loving heart. Thank you for showing me the importance of traditions and the strength that can be drawn from family.

Until we are together again……


The ShadowDance Club 3


Copyright © 2013


“Clarissa Jean Murphy, you get yourself right back in there and fight. What are you thinkin’, girl? It’s not your time yet, you stop bein’ so afraid and get on with your life. There ain’t no good reason for you to keep hidin’ when you have all the help in the world out there if you’ll just ask for it. Now go on…Get yourself back there now, you tell Brit no hurry, I’ll wait for him. You get on back to livin’ like I taught ya…You gotta live out loud, girl, and don’t you be acceptin’ nothin’ less…”

Chapter One

There was a small part of Rissa’s subconscious mind that remembered Granny was gone,
but she looked so real and young and she sure sounded like herself, but how could that be?
Rissa’s maternal grandmother had been the most stable influence in her life, and there hadn’t been a single day in the three years since she’d passed that Rissa hadn’t felt like a piece of her own soul had died with the woman who had been way ahead of her time.
Hell, maybe I died and just got kicked out of heaven before I even got in, wouldn’t that about top off the last two years in fine fashion?
God, the place she’d just been while talking with Granny had been so amazing, the colors of the flowers were more brilliant than anything she had ever seen before, and the sky was the most spectacular shade blue there and it had a depth that Rissa was sure there wasn’t even a word that could begin to describe it. Fracking fudge her head was killing her, and why was that? She didn’t remember drinking anything, but her head felt like it was about ready to explode. She decided to just try to let herself sink back into the inky blackness of sleep and hopefully she’d feel better later when she woke up…Damn but she wished the men standing by her bed would take a break and stop their jabbering. But they did have nice voices…and they were rubbing her hand and the side of her face, and that felt so good…Maybe it would be okay if they stayed…

* * * *

Mitch Grayson and Bryant Davis stood on opposite sides of Rissa’s bed staring down at the fragile woman lying too still between them. Bryant was rubbing small circles on the back of the hand he was holding while Mitch softly stroked the side of her face. She looked like an angel, her porcelain complexion so pale it almost looked translucent. “Jesus, could they plug her into anything else?” Mitch’s exasperated question was rhetorical, but it eerily echoed Bryant’s exact thoughts. Bryant had always been awed by Mitch Grayson’s special gift, but he’d understood the inherent challenges that being an empath presented also. They’d spent many nights on the deck at Pomola, their cabin on ShadowDance Mountain, watching the river making its way down to the mountain valley below. Its lazy meandering during the late summer was the perfect backdrop for drinking beer, and talking about anything and everything, from Mitch’s ability to hear the thoughts of people he was near, to their views on long-term ménage relationships. Mitch had maintained that not everyone was comfortable being around someone who could hear their thoughts, hell, most people considered it a gross invasion of privacy at the least, and it just plain spooked more people than not.

“You know, when Rissa found out about my gifts, she freaked. She was going to try to stay just as far away from me as possible. I don’t know yet what she’s afraid I’ll find out, but I know she thinks someone is after her, and I know she’s scared spitless about what will happen if she’s found.” Letting out a deep sigh, he continued. “We’ve talked about it a thousand times…Hell, we have always known it would take a very special woman, one who ignited electricity in both of us to make a long-term ménage work. Christ, I’d almost given up ever finding that woman until…” And without even finishing that thought, they both knew that woman was lying in the bed right between them.

“Letting her walk out that back door of The Club alone will haunt me until my last breath, brother.” The sadness in Bryant’s voice had Mitch looking up at his friend. When Bryant looked up, Mitch’s eyes held nothing but compassion. Bryant Davis had been a geeky college freshman trying to find his way around a campus larger than his entire hometown when Mitch Grayson had seemed to materialize out of nowhere with answers to questions Bryant hadn’t even had the courage to ask. Bryant had laughed to himself many times about how he’d wondered that day if the other man could read his mind, and as it turned out, that wasn’t all that far off from the truth. “Her beautiful green eyes sucked me right in. God, what a bonehead mistake! Christ, Mitch, I fucking know the rules, I knew what all was going down, all the extra security that was in place for the night.” Sighing in frustration and running a hand through his hair he studied the battered woman lying too still between them. His deep voice mirrored his attraction to her. “I nearly fell into her gaze, all I could think about was how much I wanted her and that she obviously belonged to someone else. Fuck.” Mitch understood how Rissa could scramble a man’s thinking. Hell, she’d been wreaking havoc with his for nearly eighteen months.

BOOK: Gale, Avery - Rissa's Recovery [The Shadowdance Club 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage and More)
7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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