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“Oh God!  I want you so bad!” said Mick as he held her in his arms.  The intense longing in her eyes as she stared up at him let him know she felt the same.

“Come to my room.” He said. She nodded.  Mick pressed the 5
floor button.

When they got inside the room he picked her up and threw her on the bed.  She had always loved the way he handled her, taking control of her in a way that she had no choice but to surrender, and lose herself in bliss.  Slowly he caressed her, undressing her and kissing her body inch by inch as he slid off her clothes.  His hands cradled her stomach as he kissed her thighs.

“Oh baby, baby.” He moaned his voice echoing with desire.

As he penetrated her she felt as she was already climaxing yet he took her to another level.  They made love for hours, as they always had, slow deep and sensuous, with moments of frenzied desire and passion which made her feel as if she could explode with pleasure.

As they lay in each other’s arms, Mick began telling Felicity all the things she had wanted for so many years to hear, but that she had never though she would. 

He told her he wanted to stay with her.

Three years had passed since they had seen each other last.  They had been dating for two years when Mick had been offered a job in Hong Kong.  Felicity knew that she could not leave her job with Privilege, and even though Mick had asked her to go with him it had been one of the most difficult decisions she had ever made saying no.  At the time she had felt betrayed by him for deciding to leave.  They had promised to stay in touch but they never did.  Not one word.

Felicity had told herself over the years that they had not been right for each other yet now all the feelings she had been suppressing were surfacing and she realised that she had always loved him.

“Don’t you like it out in Hong Kong?” she asked him quietly.

“It’s not about that.  I love you.” He replied.

“Seeing you this time has confirmed it to me.  I always felt it and I always knew I had to come back and find you.  Now I know it has to be now.  Nothing else is as important to me as you are.” He said.

The way he said it, she knew she trusted him.  She lay in his arms. 


The next morning she woke to birds tweeting and Mick standing next to her with a breakfast tray. 

“Room service Madam.” He smiled, his naked muscular body sliding next to her in the bed.

“MMmm, I want you for breakfast.” Felicity whispered as she gently nibbled on his ear.

“Fine by me.’ He replied softly as he gave himself up to her kisses.  She climbed on top of him, and they made love again, this time hard and fast, consumed by desire for one another.


She laid her head on his chest as she caressed his arms.  God how she had missed him.


As they sat on the balcony eating breakfast and hearing the birds tweeting, Felicity could not believe how stupidly happy she felt.  She couldn’t take the smile off her face and it seemed that Mick felt the same.


“Well, check out time is in two hours for me” he said looking at his watch.

“Unless I decide to stay another night.”

“Oh god, time!” exclaimed Felicity.  “I still haven’t  thought that far.

“Come on, let’s stay another night.” Said Mick.

Felicity paused.  She could do it.  She had planned a few days break anyway.

“Come on, let’s.” she replied with a naughty smile.

Mick jumped up.

“I just cannot resist that smile.” He said as he smothered her with kisses.  He wrestled her into his arms.  She laughed and tried to fight him off, but he picked her up and took her into the bedroom.

They made love again, and as they lay in each other arms Felicity suddenly exclaimed.

“Tamara!  I better let her know where I am” she searched through her handbag for her mobile, which she had placed on silent.  There were numerous messages, which she could not be bothered to look through.  She texted Tamara telling her to make her way back without her, and that she was fine. “Ok down to practical details, which hotel room are we keeping on.  It doesn’t make sense to keep both on seen as we are staying together.”

“Mmm, I love it when you are practical.” Said Mick.

“What’s your room like?”

Felicity looked around Mick’s hotel room.

“Pretty similar to this. Except the wardrobe is to the left of the desk.”
“Right, definitely yours then.”  Mick smiled.

Felicity phoned reception.

“Hello, would it be possible to book room 207 for another night? Ok, thank you.”  She hung up.

“Champagne?” she asked coyly.

“Baby, I love you.” Said Mick.

“Come on, let’s pack and go to my room.  I have no clothes here.”

“What’s wrong with that?” asked Mick.

“Ha ha.”

Mick got his belongings out and they went down in the lift to Felicity’s room.

“I like this lift.” Said Mick.

“Yes, good memories in here.” Said Felicity.

Felicity opened the door to her room and found a note from Tamara saying she had gone to spend the weekend with Paul.

Mick opened the bottle of champagne and toasted to Inspire, and to Felicity, the woman of his dreams.

As they lay in each other’s arms on the bed that morning, Felicity knew that this time it was for good.





BOOK: Another Chance
6.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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