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4 on the Floor

BOOK: 4 on the Floor
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4 on the Floor

B.J. Scott

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: B.J. Scott

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Included in:
4 on the Floor

.  Openers

2.  Introduction

4 on the Floor



Max has always had a problem keeping a roommate.  Not
only is he hot tempered,
but he is
a self-proclaimed sex addict and
he can
resist the young guys with the tight bodies.  Within three months of being hit on constantly,
they leave in disgust.  Max promises himself that this time will be different.  Wh
en a big ox of a man with tatto
oed muscled arms shows up at his
door, Max knows
he can keep his hands off
of him.
  He is not Max’s type

When the new roommate
has his
buddies over one night,
they give Max something he has never experienced before, and he de
wants to join them in their nightly game.

4 on the Floor

Max never could keep a roommate.  He was too hot tempered and too much of a sex addict.  He had promised himself repeatedly that he would choose the man he was least attracted to, but he never carried through with his promise.  As soon as a young guy with a tig
ht body walked through his door,
to be chosen as Max’s new roommate

Within three months he was hitting on the poor guy constantly until he had had enough and
moved out and
Max was once again looking for a new roommate.  Max loved sex, but he was also low on cash
, so once again he made the same promise he had made every time
he needed a new roommate

I am going to choose the one man I would never want to sleep with.

But he
wondered if that man really existed.  Max seemed to like them all.  A man had called about the ad for a roommate before seven that morning saying that he would be there at noon.  At straight up twelve the doorbell rang. 

Max opened the door to a big man
with muscled arms and tattoos. 
He was definitely not Max’s type.  T
his man was neither young nor pretty.  “Come

“Thanks.  Name’s Carl.”  Not bothering to shake hands, Carl walked on in and looked around.  “Not a bad place you got here.  Nice house, lots of space.” 

Max followed Carl as
didn’t hesitate to tour his house. 
didn’t think
his house
was all that big.  It just
looked big because
he couldn’t afford much furniture
to put in it

Carl stopped at one point and turned to Max.  “You gay?” 

Max didn’t know if he should deny it or tell the truth.  What if this
guy was a gay basher?  What if he had friends just as
big and tattooed as he, who were
gay bashers?  “What difference does it make
to you
Max snapped back.

Carl slapped him on the arm.  “It makes a big difference.  I’m a big tough fag who likes to suc
cock.”  He stared at Max’s crotch
and Max immediately stuck his hands in
his pockets. 

“You sproutin’ somethin’ in there?” 

Max felt his cock grow with each new word from this man.  Carl didn’t wait for an answer.  His hand was on Max’s crotch instantly and he slid it upward bringing the cock to its fullest.  Max
tried to step back but his feet would not move. 

“Just wh
at I thought. 
So, when do I move my stuff in?”  Carl’s hand never left Max’s dick as he asked
the question

“Uh, anytime.” 
looked down at the man’s hand
on his crotch

The hand
was huge and he wanted this big man on him and in him. 

“Be back in an hour.  Be ready for me.”  Carl walked out the door, not bothering to shut it behind him. 

Max just stood there, his hard cock pressing against his jeans.  Then he wondered what Carl had meant when he had told him to be ready for him.  It was exactly an hour later when Carl returned with two large bags. 
had gone
down while Carl was away
, but it was making a quick comeback. 

Carl put his stuff in his
room and then
sat down on the opposite end of the sofa from Max.  “You remember what I said, don’t you?” 

but he thought it best to deny it.  “I guess not.” 

Carl lowered his big body to the floor in front of
and within seconds
’s tightening jeans down and off.  He rubbed his big hand along the length of
.  “Maybe you do remember.  I said to be ready for me and I would say you are.”  He yanked the white briefs off of Max, pulling him toward the edge of the sofa. 

felt the big hands
push underneath him and begin to massage his ass.  He closed his eyes as his legs were lifted up and onto the shoulders of his new roommate.  “Oh, fuck!”  Max was not prepared for what Carl went for first.  He shoved his thick long tongue inside Max’s hole.  The man’s moustache grazed the sensitive area beneath his balls sending shivers throughout his body.  Just when Max wanted more inside of him, the thick long tongue was pulled from him. 

Carl pulled
butt up more, and Max’s head was now all the way down on the sofa cushion.  The magic tongue slid upward, the moustache tickling Max’s balls. 
put his hand
on his
dick.  He couldn’t wait.  He had to jack off.  But Carl was just as fast.  He grabbed Max’s hand.  “Don’t touch that thing.  It’s mine.” 

“Ohhh.”  Max was dying.  He thought his body would explode if Carl didn’t suck him or pull him off soon. 
big hands held
s butt cheeks apart and Max felt the teasing fingertips moving up and down along his crack.  The
tongue was flat as it
claimed a
big hairy ball.  Max grabbed on
to the sofa cushions to keep from pulling his
cock.  Carl pulled on the other ball almost to the point of pain, but Max was too far gone to notice.  He took a chance and pushed
his cock toward Carl. 
The big man
slid his tongue along the shaft from his balls to the very top
of the thick head

Max gasped when Carl popped the head into his mouth and sucked it hard. 
He nearly screamed when he felt two oversized thumbs being rammed inside
him.  “Shit!” 

Carl pulled his mouth off of Max’s cock and glared at him.  “Too much for you?” 


“Didn’t think so, roomie.”  Carl opened his mouth and watched the look on Max’s face as he pulled the entire cock into his mouth and down his throat.  Max thrust his butt up
but Carl pulled it back down.  He sucked cock at his own pace. 

“Oh, fuck.”  Max felt the tension in his entire body as he tried to get Carl to let him cum, but just as the cock began to swell in his mouth Carl let up.  It was killing his new roommate, but he knew that when the time came the man wouldn’t know what hit him.  He sped up, he slowed down, and just when Max thought Carl was going to let up again, he sucked
harder and

When he knew that Max was going to let loose, he pulled his thumbs out of him and shoved two thick fingers deep inside of him.  Max screamed as he was finally allowed the release he had needed since first meeting
his new roommate

“Mmm, mmm,” Carl moaned as he sucked Max until he was
as soft as he could possibly be
.  He pulled his mouth off of Max’s cock in a long slow pull, squeezing
the soft rod
as he did.  “I take it all when I suck a cock.  You ever been sucked that good?” 

Max could barely breathe.  “Never.” 
had barely recovered when he felt his body being pulled off of the sofa.  He opened his eyes to his completely naked and very tattooed roommate. 

“My turn.” 

Max took one look at the man’s cock that was oversized like the rest of him, and he knew where he wanted it.  “I’m…a…” 

“I know what you are.  I’ve been around awhile.”  He flipped Max over like a pancake and shoved his legs
underneath him. 

Max’s chest hit the floor and he lifted his head.  “What the fuck?” 

Carl spread
s legs apart
and then Max felt that
thick tongue inside him again.  “Fuck, man, how many tongues you got?” 

Carl laughed and the vibrations made Max’s balls shake.  The thick slithering snake inside him was better than Max had ever had it.  The thing slapped and swirled, dug deep, and slowly inched its way out.  Then it would start all over again.  Max was hard again and he dug into the carpet to keep from wrapping his hand around his dick.  He didn’t want to risk this ending ever.  Carl tugged on Max’s balls and inched his tongue all the way out.  He circled the eager hole, rimming Max like he had never been rimmed before. 

“Oh, fuck!” 

“Guess that’s my signal.  I aim to please.” 

started to say, “What…?”  But he didn’t have to finish.  The cock of all cocks plunged into him and for a moment he thought he
stopped breathing.  “Oh, God!” 

“Just call me Carl,” he teased.  He held onto Max’s
thighs and pulled and pushed him as he pleased.  Max felt the cum edging its way
from his
balls and then he watched as it hit the floor.  Carl grunted like an animal in heat as he powered his way to ecstasy.  He pulled Max hard and Max felt the warm cream hit him
at what seemed the speed of light.  He had known a lot of fast cummers, but never like this. 

“Damn, man.” 

“Never had a man like me, Max?” 

“Never,” he gasped.  Max watched as a few more drops of cum hit the floor beneath him. 

“I take it all when I fuck, too,” Carl stated proudly.  He could tell that Max was struggling to breathe, but he didn’t stop until he was ready to stop.  He flipped
over and sat
down beside him
on the floor.  Max stared
at him, wondering how he
so lucky to have Carl as a roommate.  “Got a good cock there, Max.  Better be up for a daily blowjob.” 

Max just nodded.  He would definitely be up for it. 

BOOK: 4 on the Floor
6.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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