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Taking Control

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Chapter One


It was time.

No more waiting.

He was done with waiting. His mind and body couldn’t
take anymore. Bruce glanced down at his sleeping wife, love and desperation
consuming him. Making love to his wife was supposed to be a wonderful,
fulfilling experience. He loved making love to his wife, she was everything to
him. The thought of being without her was unbearable. However, they needed
more. Melissa needed more. Tonight was the last time and he was so angry. Not
at Melissa—at himself. Tonight in the throes of passion, Melissa faked her
orgasm. His wife faked an orgasm on him.

On him!

It sounded so ridiculous. A lot of women faked orgasm.
He knew they did. In fact, he didn’t blame half of them that did, but Bruce had
never and this wasn’t a boast, never had a woman fake an orgasm with him.

He took pride in the pleasure he gave his woman, it
was everything he wanted.

The pleasure he gave his woman gave him pleasure.

Melissa was his woman and he would give her the world
if he could.

Bruce gathered his wife against his chest where she
instantly melted against him with a soft sigh.

across his thoughts.

He squeezed her ever so slightly, his possessive
instinct coming forward.

He would teach her more, he vowed. She would float on
a cloud of pleasure. His woman would no longer feel shame in completely letting
go, in abandoning all of her principles, all of her views on what sex and
making love was all about.

Melissa was a sexy woman with so much passion begging to
come out and Bruce was adamant he would be the one to unleash it.

He loved her with all of his heart and soul. He was
going to show her that no matter what turned her on or what her fantasies were,
he would provide them and do it with love in his heart. Bruce
her and he would take the next step to satisfying their sexual appetites. No
more faked orgasm, no more fear, only absolute pleasure based on love and




Melissa heard her
husband sigh,
curling around her body, squeezing her slightly, his cock snuggled between the
cheeks of her ass, still hard even though they’d just made love.
The most boring experience of her life.
She needed more but
she didn’t know if Bruce was prepared for that. Bruce had been her first and
only sexual partner. She’d gone to his bed a virgin and it had been a magical

Her whole life she’d
grown up with
the idea that sex was bad, something that needed to be done to make children.
However, with Bruce it felt so natural. She wanted him so badly it left her hot
and aching for him.

Would he be repulsed by her? Reject her? Fears,
questions and possibilities swarmed through her mind, each scaring the hell out
of her.

Melissa wanted to be a sweet loving wife.

She really did.

Lately, however, their sex
life was
becoming mundane and it felt like a chore. She wanted more and needed more but
the frustrating part was she didn’t know what she could do about it. How could
she be so restless all the time when she completely adored and loved her
husband? She couldn’t believe she’d faked her own orgasm. How could she do that?

Nothing she did, not even masturbating, gave her an
orgasm. She was so scared

afraid of letting go. Her mother’s taunts and jibes
over the years still terrified her.

“Just lie down and take think women are tramps if they like’re dirty...”

On and on her mother would rant and rave about a
woman’s place. And her father having left her alone with her monster of a
mother didn’t help matters. Was it because her mother made sexual demands? Did
she become overbearing in the bedroom?

couldn’t bear to lose Bruce.

She sighed,
snuggling closer to her husband. Closing her eyes, she hoped sleep would claim
her and in the morning all would be better because it would be a new day.




Bruce watched his wife sleep.
looked like
an angel when she slept, so peaceful. She filled him with so much love it was
the strangest thing he’d ever experienced. He loved women, he loved the
pleasure they could bring to his life and of course he loved fucking women. He
never had a particular type.
He loved
everything. Then one night a mutual friend introduced him to Melissa and since
moment ,he’d
never wanted anyone else. He
couldn’t recall being tempted by another woman even though there had been
offers since his marriage.

Finding out that he’d
be Melissa’s
first shocked and pleased Bruce. The memory of their wedding night was still
clear in his mind. Tenderness consumed him for his woman and it was that
tenderness that made him get out of bed now, and shower and dress as quickly as
possible. He needed to get some perishables from the local shop down the road

he went to work. He needed to make sure Melissa never
faked an orgasm again and he had something in mind for this morning. Bruce just
hoped it all worked well.

Melissa’s mother was a nasty, vindictive woman, always
filling Melissa’s head with skewed ideas about sex. Of course Melissa didn’t
know her mother cheated on her father numerous times before the guy finally up
and left. Bruce should probably tell Melissa that he knew her father, but he
personally believed it was up to her father to come forward.

No more dwelling on what he couldn’t control, it was
time to get his wife to trust him and to show her there was nothing she could
ever demand from him that would scare him away.




The following morning was supposed to bring calm and
peace but again, all Melissa

was restless. Bruce must have woken and gone to work
early, leaving her to wake alone. Not bothering with changing, she went to the
kitchen and seeing a full pot of coffee, she smiled with appreciation for her
thoughtful husband. He knew how to make her happy in so many ways. She couldn’t
concentrate in the morning without her coffee.


After she poured a generous mug, she sipped at the hot
liquid whilst looking out the window and she didn’t hear the door open or close
she was so consumed with her thoughts. Melissa started to move when large hands
landed on her shoulders, holding her still.
“Don’t move,” a
deep, husky voice demanded. Melissa stopped, her whole body becoming alert.

She knew the voice but there was something different.
Bruce spoke in soft tones and loving words. This was
not soft

Her gown fell open, exposing her tits to the cool air.
Melissa gasped as her nipples responded, budding out, tightening. Her stomach
knotted and she was shocked by the anticipation coursing through her.

“I’m going to fuck you here and now then I want you to
suck my cock.” His voice penetrated her foggy, aroused mind.
his crude words sent a wave of pleasure through her body landing straight on
her clit, she would've fallen in a crumpled heat on the floor if Bruce hadn't
been holding her up.

BOOK: Taking Control
12.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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